Two men sitting on a park benchPregnant women are one of Quitline’s priority populations and we offer a specially designed programme to help pregnant women quit smoking. Support is offered throughout the pregnancy and until baby is at least six weeks old. We can also talk to the woman’s partner/family about helping her to quit and making the home smoke-free.

All you need to do is fill in a simple form and forward it to Quitline. Once the form is complete, email to:

What happens when Quitline receives my referral?

Your referral will be acknowledged and processed by our Quitline Advisors, who will contact the client within three working days from receiving your referral. We make twoseparate attempts to contact clients. If we are still unable to contact them, we send a letter encouraging them to get in touch, accompanied by quit smoking information (provided you have supplied the person’s address with your referral).

For enquiries about a specific referral you have made please contact