Jan 5 2020

Stats Update: 113 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 113
Total savings: $571

16 weeks down 🙌🏻

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Oct 31 2019

Stats Update 47 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 47
Total savings: $237

Still going strong cravings gone not bothered being around smokers had an instance today where someone visited decided to have a smoke while standing at my lounge sliding door whiles it was open to talk and I was not impressed how quickly I could smell it and thinking great now my house smells my house has always been a smokefree area before but the smell was so strong and yuk hope everyone else is having a great quit week 😊

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Sep 29 2019



Feeling the last day or 2 urge is strong much harder than the first week and a bit was 2 weeks yesterday I thought early days would have been like that not now feel frustrated thought was going quite easy then bang feel side swiped all of a sudden

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