Jul 5 2017

Socks Underpants Where do they go

Everything is different over here in thailand but one thing remains the same. No matter whether you do your washing yourself or if your wife does it or if you pay a professional laundromat you always end up with less socks and underpants???

The quit is going well. The other day I noticed I was feeling a bit cranky. A lot of factors contributed. Late night, drinking a bit of whisky (in moderation socially), the darn heat, every speaking gobbledigook and me not understanding much of anything. The main thing is I recognised I was feeling cranky. I owned my own negative feelings. I didn't try to blame others for it. I didn't feel tempted to smoke to relieve said crankiness. I feel good about my progress. In the past I have projected my negativity or vented in an unpleasant manner or smoked to alleviate cranky feelings. Now I don't and I'm happy about that.
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Jul 1 2017

Not every day is fantastic

Not the best today. An old shoulder injury is giving me grief. I got some medicine from a thai doctor. Don't know if it's doing me any good. The side effects are pretty hard core so I hope it's doing me some good. I looked the medicine up on Google. It's been discontinued in most countries. I will watch out for the severe side effects mentioned. So far so good. Because I'm a bit I'll I'm finding the heat difficult to put up with. I will go for a walk when the side effects of my morning dose have subsided a bit. I'll walk to a cafe. Not because I want a coffee but because they have air conditioning.

At least this time around I'm quit and far enough along the track that I have no desire to smoke. In the past when I felt ill I used to want a smoke to comfort myself. Not now. I have enough troubles without adding to them with a filthy funglucker.

It's actually quite comical how much I complain about my pathetic little problems. There are so many people in the world with real problems and they don't complain the way I do. Truth is I'm fine really and soon I'll be back to feeling fantastic again.

P.s. I changed my profile picture to show you all the lovely Mrs Maanu
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Jun 27 2017

My wife will quit and dance foe me

I'm not a domineering oppressive husband but I really want my wife to quit smoking. All in her own good time. I could of demanded that she quit when I tell her to quit but that would of created tension, I'll feelings and probably conflict none of the things I want in our marriage.

W. e were discussing smoking this morning and it dawned on me. "What will you do if cigarettes are 25 baht each" I asked her. Her eyes grey large in shock. "Can I bring thai cigarettes to australia" she asked me in broken english. "Yes but only 5 or 10 packets. So that is her quit plan she will bring 5 or 10 packs to oz and when they are gone she will quit. I reckon that's a great plan.

I was on my way to the temple for some meditation. I didnt bring any water with me so I had to walk down to the beach. Going back to the temple now. The monks smoke and eat meat but they don't drink or take drugs. Met one in pai that spoke english. That was cool☺

Bye for now I'm off to do some meditation at the temple.
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Jun 24 2017

Hello Saturday morning from Friday night

Quit is going well. Sticking to the vape. Brought two delicious flavors. Been a busy day. Extended visa for another 30 days. That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The officials spoke thai with miao and i jyst sat there and smikes going from counter to counter paying various fees including a 20$ fine for overstaying for one day, all up it cost 2500 baht or $100

Then i had to go to N.Z. embassy in bangkok to fill out statuary declaration for marriage 1330 baht then get it translated into thai 700 baht and 800 baht for two stamps and 1000 baht for legislative fees all up 7300 baht (300$) for visa extension and to become legally married. We're going to have a proper wedding next year when we get back from working in ozzie.

I'm going to learn to play thai songs on ukulele and guitar and I'm going to learn to play some thai instruments and I'm going to compose a love song in thai and accompany it with said instruments. Mao will be giving up cigarettes and learning to do traditional thai dancing for the aforementioned song (-8 I've been told traditionAL thai dancing is a young woman's game and she would be shy to do it in public but she seems to like the idea of dancing for me when we are alone. Pom rak miao surwai. I love my beautiful wife even though it's not quite official yet.

I just asked her young son if he needs new shoes. In response he said he wants a new computer. He will be abe to earn a bit of $$$ so I think it's a well worthwhile investment in his future even if it's a bit more than I was expecting to pay for some shoes apparently a notebook only costs hok pun baht (6000 baht [$240])

Thailand is amazing it never ceases to amaze me I'm beginning to get familiar with the place buts there's always something weird and wonderful around the corner and the people are so friendly and exotic. Here in samutprakan not many people speak English and Noone speaks it well but it's nice to watch and hear them talking to each other even if I only understand 1 word in 20 or 30. I spend a lot of time listening and not understanding. When we go to aussie it will be Mao's turn hehehe.
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Jun 23 2017

Getting married

I missed my plane to India, on purpose. I am staying in thailand and helping Mao to get her passport and work visa and then we're going to go and work together in oz, probably picking mangos in Queensland then cherries in tasman then maybe applease. She would of been destitute if I went to India and I couldn't in good conscience desert her like that. We are very happy together and everthing is much more fun with her around so I've decided to make it a permanent arrangement. We will both be much better off. I've told her she will have to quit smoking and she has agreed to do so in her own time which is good enough for me. She was already wanting to quit. Her son wants her to quit. I reckon once we get started on the fruit picking mission she will decide it time to quit. I have also told her she has to learn to do traditional thai dancing. I lover it and can't wait to see her do it. I will learn to play the thai guitar and maybe the thai flute (it's like a pan pipe in a circle with holes that activate each individual pipe). My 30 day thai visa expires tomorrow. We went into the thai immigration bureau. Lucky I has a fluent thai speaker on my side. There was a lot of thai spoken which I did not understand all I could understand was the smiles on the officials faces. We're going back tomorrow with all the nessacary papers and 1900 baht and I get a 30 day extension. I usually hate bearocracy but this has been completely painless and highly successful. Very happy (-8
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Jun 22 2017

WA ne sahm bpai dee

Day 3 is going well. Cigarettes are right under my nose all the time but not going into my mouth. Had a moment of temptation last night but nah yeah nah.
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Jun 21 2017

Wa nee Lao bpai pai surwai Phon tok makma rot cachai

Today we leave beautiful pai. If it rains heavily the van will drive slower. Pai was fantastic. I will remember it as pai surwai (beautiful pai I like the way it sounds and it is very apt). The days ahead will not be as relaxed. I will be doing city stuff in kung suthep ( bangkok) and then flying to India. I don't know how I will handle india. I am ready for the worst but hoping for the best. When Mao sees me getting stressed she says slowly slowly for your heart. It's good advice that I intend to live by. And of course no smoking under any circumstances. N.o.p.e.
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Jun 20 2017

Re-motivated for quit

When I was in new zealand my main motivation for quitting was the money. In thailand that motivation was virtually non-existent. Cigarettes are $2.50 a pack and cigars are 4c each. I have had to re-wire my motivation to quit for health reasons. I've been virtually smoke free over the last week but and slowly building up my motivation to quit for health reasons. Today that motivation is strong and so my official release quit begins today. I feel strong in my resolve and confident of success and that's all I have to say about that.

Today is our last day in pai, tomorrow we heat back to kung thep (bangkok) I've really enjoyed my 10 days in pai. It's similar to nz in a lot of ways but it's in thailand with street stalls and temples everywhere. When I have a holiday in nz I usually get out of the city and go to somewhere like pai so I feel right at home here. It's like home but it's better cos it's thailand. I will be in bangkok until Thursday to do city stuff. I'm going to try and arrange a passport and work visa so Mao can come and work with me in Australia. The money she will earn in oz will be life changing for her so as much as I hatell beaurocracy and paperwork I will endure the ordeal because I live Mao and really want to help make her life better.

After that I'm off to India on Thursday. That will be a whole new adventure/ordeal/mind blowing experience. Sweltering heat and 500 million people that have no toilet. I have no idea what it will be like for me bUT I think it will be mostly enjoyable. Wish me luck.
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Jun 18 2017

Wonderful thailand

Thailand is full wonder. Most if it is wonderful splendid and delightful but there is definitely an element of I wonder wonder wonder wtf is going on at times. It can be a bit overwhelming. I am having a quiet morning to myself to process some stuff.

My quit has not been 100% successful but it hasn't been a 100% failure either. Yesterday we ended up in a quaint little town and they were selling cigars for 1 baht each (4c) I had to try one. Will be back on track Monday at the latest.

We went to thom lot or lod cave absolutely amazing. We had to ride our scooter over a mountain the view was oarsome. It was jen makma very cool which was a novelty for thailand Mao snuggled up to me on the bacj of the scooter which I liked (-8. We got a flat tyre, luckily we were very close to a small town with a tyre repair shop (well three actually that's thailand for you???) They replaced the inner tube and spent an hour fixing it when they finished they gave me a bill for 150 baht that's 6$. I couldn't believe it I was absolutely gobsmacked I gave the mechanic my delicious bag of fresh pineapple I was so grateful.

Mao ah Jarn pass thai. Mao is teaching me to speak thai. Pom pud thai lit noy I speak a little thai now and I can understand a bit of what people are saying. Lit noy. Just a little bit.

It was funny yesterday. I got up early to feed the monks. I brought 4 meals 1 for me 1 for Mao and 2 foe the monks. Next thing 4 monks came by so I gave them my food and had to go back. Usually the monks will give a blessing but they could see I am falang and would not understand so the gave me a very cool Leaflet in good English. I was so happy (-8.

Mao is awake and asking for me so pom bpai ban
I will go home. Sawadee krup.
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Jun 14 2017

WA ne daht lawn makma

Today the sun is out so it will be hot.

Day 2 of my quit is going well. I have felt the urge to smoke but rejected it. I would say with ease but there's always a bit of difficulty but it is a lot easier than the first times I tried to quit.

Another more subtle effect of quitting is that although everything is going so well and I'm having a wonderful holiday I feel an undercurrent of negativity. Once I recognuse this negativity for what it is it is easy to dispelled it. On my earlier quit attempts it was not so easy. Now I feel it is far better to endure this passing negativity than to temporarily alleviate it. Smoking to feel better is a vicious cycle the only way to truly feel better is to quit and that is what I shall do.
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