Jan 13 2015


Smokefree days: 366 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 7320
Total savings: $7,027.20

I stopped smoking…....what other impossible dreams can I achieve?
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Nov 26 2014

Stats Update 318 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 318 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 6360
Total savings: $6,105.60

Smoking wasn't just a habit. It was a full-blown drug addiction. Semantics are important here.Previous attempts to stop would eventually lead me to a situation of competing tension – having a real need to stop smoking but also having that embedded gnawing need of having cigarettes to get through the day. Plug me into the dopamine and beta-endorphin baby – I need that hit.

Now life is so different from what it was 319 days ago. If anyone had said that 'peace of mind' would be a benefit from non-smoking I wouldn't have believed them. But freedom from the internal battle of whether to smoke or not I not has gone.

Up yours nicodemon.
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Oct 9 2014


Smokefree days: 270 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 5400
Total savings: $5,184.00

Smoking did nothing for me. Nothing at all. For me, a cigarette simply became a delivery device for addictive and harmful substances. I hated having to plan my entire day about when I could get out, convince myself I didn't care, and when I could get back out again.

Now I can wake up in the morning and not be a slave to anything. The same consistent actions to stay smoke-free has freed me to do more in the day.

So good to see more new people on here.
Best. Decision. Ever.
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Sep 19 2014

Because its Friday

Smokefree days: 250 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 5000
Total savings: $4,800.00

My previous attempt to stop on here was 8 April 2012. Made it to 62 days and then smoked again after a personal crisis. Stayed away smoking and came back on here again on 13 February 2014. Still not one puff.

The collective wisdom from people on Quitline has helped. People who have never smoked will never comprehend what I have to experience overcoming this addiction. Sharing my experience with others who understand what I am going through is an authentic process. I get to see and read about hardened smokers who on a daily basis show the courage and honesty to face down their addiction.

Of course I have to do my part. The tips and tools from people on here has helped immensely. I can now say that I’m keeping my word. To myself. Hated the internal turmoil that followed every time I smoked after I announced to one and all that I no longer smoked.

Go well everyone. Take a bow. Each day we stay smoke-free we reinvent ourselves for the better. Each day we stay smoke-free we become actual embodiments of honesty, strength and courage.

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Aug 4 2014


Smokefree days: 204 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4080
Total savings: $3,916.80

...puffs to date.

Zero need to want to smoke.
Zero dollars coming from me to Tobacco Inc.

Smoke-free journey going well. Overall, enjoying myself and still managing to misbehave - no use being smoke-free and miserable.

One day after another led to the growing numbers. Each day just turning up and taking all the right actions to ensure I stay smoke-free.
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Jun 11 2014

Check in time

Smokefree days: 150 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 3000
Total savings: $2,880.00

Well that went fast. Life has become so busy since becoming smoke-free. As stated in my last blog (29 days ago - not a prolific poster. That’s just a reflection of my introverted nature – thank you Susan Cain), I've been training for a 10 km run in November. On top of the running is a varied training programme during the week - kettlebells, plyometrics, calisthenics and yoga.

The biggest change so far has been how calm and relaxed I've been since I stopped smoking. A number of factors contribute to this - reduced number of coffee, better eating, better sleeping - but the key factor for me is that I am not isolating myself with just a cigarette and my own thoughts. Left to my own thinking while indulging in harmful substances is not good for me. Having freed myself from the last harmful addiction I have, my mind is more receptive to taking the right actions to ensure my safety.

I like not smoking. I like being in control. I like sticking it to nciodemon every day.
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May 13 2014

A new addiction

Smokefree days: 121 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2420
Total savings: $2,323.20

...and still not one puff taken.

Running is my new addiction. It helps I'm in training for a 10k run later in the year, but being out in the open running is a joy.

I figured that stopping smoking doesn't mean stopping living. So running now replaces cigarette smoking.

Still vigilant as ever. I can still smoke anytime but choose not to today. Nicodemon likes to play the depriving card and make it harder. Rewiring my thinking helps me to continue on.
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Apr 25 2014

Last day in Sydney

Smokefree days: 103 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2060
Total savings: $1,977.60

Been a nice holiday and It was nice to celebrate 100 days smoke-free here in Sydney. Forgotten how geographically beautiful the city is. Visited sites and places such as the Blue Mountains, which I haven't been to since I lived here from 1988 to 1995.

Saying that, looking forward to coming home. It's where I started my smoke-free journey. And the journey started not because of health or financial reasons. 103 days ago, I was watching a television series (The Bridge) and I couldn't be bothered getting off my couch to get a new packet of cigarettes because I was enjoying the series. Found some gum left over from previous attempt and started chewing. Soon after, I started posting blogs and here I am.

I told my eight year daughter about my smoke-free time to which she replied "I'll be prouder if you keep going." Says it all. Smoke-free life goes on.
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Apr 22 2014

Not one puff at all

Smokefree days: 100 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2000
Total savings: $1,920.00

No patches used (I’ve smoked while on patches in my previous quits, so decided to skip this step) and no gum used after four days (I found having six pieces of gum for every craving to be too much. Only realised after reading the blogs, that it was one piece per craving. Doh.) But the best ‘no’ has been the not one puff. Devastatingly simple and effective advice.

I’ve overcome alcohol and drug addictions but the seeing off the smoking addiction to date has been the most rewarding. In regards to my alcohol and drug addictions, the damage was blindingly obvious: the varying states of homelessness including sleeping rough (I was sleeping under a stairwell in an industrial building before getting clean and sober); the blackouts (waking up in different cities gets old really quick); the uncontrollable shakes; the DTs, the hallucinations (both auditory and visual); the damaged liver, the jaundiced skin, the lies, the fear….and on and on. AA and NA has helped me to stay off alcohol, opiates, hallucinogens and amphetamines since September 20 2001.

Smoking was different. It was subtle. It was powerful. And it was with me every moment of the day. Eyes open first thing in the morning? Fumble around for my lighter and cigarettes. Spark. Inhale. Long exhale. Deciding to go to sleep at night? Reach for my lighter and cigarettes. Time out for me and my thoughts. Over time, it had taken control of my psyche and became my puppet master.

Hence why I am proud of not taking not one puff to date. I am an all or nothing person. If I’m going to have something harmful and addictive, I will go in 100% committed. Why have one puff when I can have the whole packet. Why have one packet when I can have the whole carton. And on it goes.

My days up would not be possible without the quitline community. People on here have been thoughtful, kind, supportive and wise. I thank you all. I love being smoke-free.
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Apr 14 2014

Not one puff

Smokefree days: 92 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1840
Total savings: $1,766.40

Feel good about that. I owe almost everything I do and have today based on that principle. Best of all, it means I'm seeing off my worst enemy - my addictive mind.

If I have one puff, it will only awaken the beast and within moments I'll be back where I was 92 days ago. Don't want to back there again. Enjoy my freedom too much.

Still the odd moment of wanting a cigarette will surface. The last one was on Saturday. I was mentally making a list of what I needed to do before dropping off my daughter to her swimming lessons. I was thinking "I need to do a, b and c. And then have a cigarette. Ok let's go... Wait...Rewind...What was that last part?" The craving left as quick as it surfaced but a good reminder to be on guard.

Smoke-free living is the only way to live.
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