Sep 8 2019

Stats Update 1986 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,986
Total savings: $73,879

My goodness! I don’t know why I logged on today (it has been a long time), but would you look at that. Nearing 2000 days and over $70k saved. I think I may now be a non-smoker.

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Sep 14 2018

Stats Update 1627 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,627
Total savings: $60,524

$60k. Thats a nice car that I havent smoked over the last 1627 days! And the good thing (and what others should take comfort from) is that I hardly evr think about smoking now, and when I do, it is only with pitty when I see someone smoking, not envy. I really couldnt imagine ever sucking that crap into my throat.

Keep going everyone - it is so worth it.

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Jul 15 2017

Stats Update 1200 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1200 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 7200
Total savings: $45,000.00

Wow-wee. Came on to see what the changes to the website were, and didn't find much to write home about, but I did find these stats. That's something to be proud of!
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Jun 1 2017

Stats Update 1156 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1156 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 6936
Total savings: $43,350.00

World smoke free day, and all the old timers posting is a good enough reason for me to post my stats!

Feels great, keep going!
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Apr 1 2017

April Fools Day equals my third breathday

Smokefree days: 1096 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 6576
Total savings: $41,100.00

Three years ago I made a decision that was not an April Fools Joke. I gave up smoking for the last time. I had tried any times before, but this was my sticky quit. I opened up the door to my new life and took a big hopeful step in. Since then, I haven't looked back. Life is better not smoking. It can be done - if I can, you can. Keep going, life becomes normal with the fags. I hardly think of it anymore, and could never think of myself smoking. It was one of the hardest things to do at the start, but now it is done, the sacrifice seems so small, and benefits so substantial.

Keep fighting the good fight.
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Mar 5 2017

Stats Update 1069 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1069 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 6414
Total savings: $40,087.50

Clicked over $40k in savings. That is pretty insane! In actual fact it would be more the. That as the prices have gone up in price a few times since then.

That said, money is not the main motivation for me on this journey. The life benefits generally are more than sufficient for me.

Keep up the good work team.
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Dec 26 2016

Stats Update 1000 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1000 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 6000
Total savings: $37,500.00

Look here then. That's just amazing. One thousand days ago I reclaimed my life, restarted my journey and took control. Man it was hard. I struggled quite a bit, and failed a few times previous to this attempt as well. However, by sticking with it, this has stuck with me, Now, one thousand days on, the thought of me smoking is as foreign to me as the thought of my flying to the moon.

What was the difference? You have to want it bad enough. Keep focused and remain positive. But more than anything else, you have to remember that all you need to do is not have that first puff. If you never have that first puff, it is really easy not to smoke.

Keep going quitters. The support on here helps a lot.
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Dec 16 2016

Stats Update 989 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 989 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 5934
Total savings: $37,087.50

Blogging my stats today, Sinky because I haven't blogged for some time, - and I am pretty proud of them so why not take the opportunity to show others starting out that it can be done. It's not easy in the early days, but hang in there, it always gets better.

See you in 11 days for the big thou!
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Oct 22 2016

Stats Update 934 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 934 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 5604
Total savings: $35,025.00

Over $35k saved. Wow. Prob more than that in actual fact given price increases since.

That's a whole lot of cash that has been put to better uses!
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Sep 18 2016

Stats Update 900 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 900 days
Cigars NOT smoked: 5400
Total savings: $33,750.00

900 days, wow, there we go. Genuinely amazing! I'm not supposed to be the one who can live without smokes, but j have done so, and for 900 days and counting!

Still need to keep the guard up, but proud as punch!
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