Aug 23 2019

Forgot to blog last night


Good morning everyone and to the new members, welcome!

So today is day 3 again, yesterday was a good day. Ive found putting my patches on my back seem to be better and not irritating my skin.

My partner has joined me on my quit so we are doing it together now, so happy about that because financially quitting together will save us $200 a week so we have decided that at least half of that will be going into the bank. Also its now a competition to see who can quit first..

I am thinking of signing up to a gym, maybe some exercise will help when my moods get low because that was actually the thing that made me want a smoke in the end. And although I managed to pull myself away from having a whole smoke the other day the thing that scared me was that I did actually enjoy the couple of puffs I had and I could see how easily it would have been to continue smoking which is definitely what I don’t want. So here I am about to redo day 3 and feeling good Im really happy today, must have been the awesome sleep I managed to get last night...

Hope everyone has a great smoke free day xo

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Aug 21 2019

Had a slip and starting again


Haven’t been on in a couple of days because Ive been busy this week.. after having a couple of days with no motivation and a low mood I caved yesterday and had a couple of puffs on a smoke. Today I have restarted. Im not too disappointed in myself because a week without a smoke is a huge achievement in itself and now that I know Im capable of going a week without a smoke my goal is to continue on longer this time.

I definitely want to be smoke free even after my slip up and I will keep trying my best until I am, it will take some time and I will get there.

Hope everyone is going well with their quit journey.. Happy hump day..

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Aug 18 2019

Low Mood and no motivation


As we are nearing the end of day 5 I am feeling a little down and tired plus I have no energy or motivation. Sunday is a scrub day for me, I managed to drag myself around and get everything done but I just didn’t feel as excited as I normally do after the house work. Ive also had a slight headache today as well... really looking forward to bedtime tonight because i’m over today.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and doing well fighting that battle to become smoke-free. Its not easy that’s for sure but we got this guys! Take each day as it comes and keep reminding yourself NOPE...

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Aug 17 2019

InspiredDay 4


Hi everyone,

Yesterday turned out to be a good day, Im grateful to have had the convo with my partner and knowing we are on the same page helps a lot.

I spent a bit of time reading though the older blogs. I was so amazed and humbled seeing so many people come together on a site to support, encourage, advise, listen to each other. The compassion and love shown was truly heartfelt and I couldn’t be happier being here sharing my journey with you.

There were so many people who have done so well, and I am looking forward to the day I can say that I am smoke-free. One person really stood out to me and that was Heironymous.

Wow! Just Wow!

I was reading the blogs backwards and I was getting the newer ones first so once I read on and seen the struggles, ups and downs, highs and lows she faced after reading her well written breath-day post, I was just as happy for her as all her supporters and friends were. To see a few of you still here today, years later still supporting and helping us new ones through the struggles you all went through at one stage, thank you.

She really did teach me a few things and I want to thank her for that and Congratulate her, her efforts and successes. I am so proud of her.

These past couple of days have been really good, I haven’t had many cravings and so today I thought because I was doing so well that I didn’t need to wear a patch.... Well that was a bad idea, by this evening I had the strongest urge to smoke, I felt it and I thought it and that was my first struggle I faced since the start of my quit.

Throughout that urge of wanting a smoke my thoughts were divided by wanting to have one, how I would feel after having one, the experiences that others faced when they relapsed, failing and having to start over.

In the end I decided to put a patch on because I knew at this point a lozenge wasn’t going to do anything for me and then I started to blog.

So here I am content and no longer struggling to fight that urge for a smoke...


Least I know now that it isn’t a good idea to ditch the patches just yet so I wont be doing that again anytime soon.

Woohoo Im nearly 4 days smoke-free... Cant believe it...

End of day 3
1x 24mg patch
0 lozenges

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Aug 16 2019

Need to vent


Hi guys,
Today is day 3. Yesterday was awesome, I didn’t have one craving it was great so there was no need for a lozenge. The patches are most definitely doing their job in helping reduce that nicotine craving but they are leaving red marks on my skin and todays one feels like its burning and making me itchy.

My partner is home today and will be home for the weekend also because his hours at work are very low. He has had a moment and started on me, which upset me and stressed me out and all I could think of was having a smoke to calm myself down. I fear that he is not going to handle his withdrawals very well and I may be his emotional target which isn’t the best because
1) I feel like Im doing a good job presently and 2) I don’t want his attitude and mood swings to be the reason why I fail when Im the one who really wants this.

At the moment Im having space away from him and Im sitting in my car writing this and I know there are things I can do to avoid the conflict but I don’t actually know how much of his attitude I can tolerate before I end up losing the will to not smoke...

I do hope this weekend goes by quick. Apologies for my rant, I thought it would be better than buying some smokes and undoing my progress.

End of day 2
1x 24mg patch
0 lozenges

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Aug 15 2019

Day one was easier than I thought


Good Morning. Thanks everyone for the support on my first blog..

I feel amazing today, my first day was a success, there was only 2 moments where I craved a smoke so I reached for my lozenges the first time and because I was already sucking on one the second time I went downstairs and had a glass of water and to my suprise the cravings subsided.

There was a moment where my partner was having a smoke and because I smelt it, I was wanting to have a puff, not because I felt like one or because I was craving one but simply because I could smell it, he told me he wasn’t giving me a puff because he didn’t want to be the one who helped me fail and that was enough to snap me back on track and continue on my smoke-free path.

I know it wont always be like this and there are days that will be harder than others but I am happy with how it is right now.

Keeping busy is most definitely the key at the moment so I have started gardening, they’ll be done in no time..

First Day- 1x 21mg patch
-3 x 2 mg lozenges

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Aug 14 2019

First day today


Today I am starting my journey to quit smoking. I am so determined to give up and there are so many benefits for me and my family if I am successful. My partner is joining me also but Im not 100% sure if he is as committed as I am but I guess time will tell and if he see’s that Im making an effort it may encourage him to as well.

Last week I tried quitting cold turkey and that didn’t go too well so I waited for the prescription to arrive to get some patches and lozengers so I am really hopeful about them helping me out a bit.

I do have a bit of worry in the back of my mind because I have so many emotions and habits attached to smoking so it will be a huge experience the next few days to see how I cope with finding and using alternative methods instead of reaching for a smoke.

Anyway Im thankful that I get to follow people and their journey’s of giving up because it will be motivating and inspiring for me and will also teach me ways to cope with the cravings and emotions I will be facing in these next couple of weeks..

I will try post regularly as it will be nice to look back on later on. Good luck and congrats to everyone who is on the quit train or have fully kicked the habit...

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