Jun 22 2017


Hi smokefree family! how are you? I log in into my email ( the not working related one ) yesterday and found an email from Heidi asking how everything was going of March!
Holy moly, that's a long time for not checking my email ^^
Was so nice that you thought of me with Thunderbird! That made my day yesterday!
So i am still smokefree and going strong and well after more than 3 years now!
my wife smokes sometimes, she is really stressed out from the job but not too much.
I still have some craving sometimes, but i send away really fast! don't want to start again to kill myself eheh ^^
Working and living in Waiheke Island at Mudbrick, an amazing restaurant and venue, really beatiful. I recommend anyone that lives in Auckland to come, especially for the sunset!
I work a lot, so not much time for much else, but cooking is really my passion so i spend all my time off cooking at home also ^^
hope that you guys are all good, and for the people who wants to start a smokefree life...go for it, every sacrifice you do now, will result in a really better life later on! and moneywise also is not bad, with 3 years old sta i saved already 11k and counting ^^ not bad!
have a good night family!
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Sep 28 2016

Forum against food waste

Hello community!
A good way to stay away from fags is keeping you occupied right? ^^
As you know i'd like to something to prevent food wastage, so i opened a forum ( http://recipeagainstwaste.forumcommunity.net/ ) to discuss about food and recipes. Hopefully will become a good resource for people to have ideas and not trow away food.

For the rest, today is a wonderful day in Waiheke, hopefully we will go to rent two kayaks for a couple of hours and enjoy a bit the island ^^

have a great smokefree day family!
stay strong and NOPE!!!
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Sep 21 2016

Stats Update 831 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 831 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9972
Total savings: $7,820.40

Hello smokefree family!!!! How are you doing?
I am quite busy, working lots of hours in the beatiful Waiheke!
I am still smokefree, NOPE is strongly my mantra especially now because lots of colleagues are smoking. Even my wife sometimes have a fag, luckily she manage to smoke maybe around 4,5 every week...so it is still ok.

I am writing today because there is something i would like to do and I think here could be an amazing place to start with. As some of you remember I am a chef, and as such food wastage is something i have to reduce to 0 or close to.
It is even something I really care because wasting food is like killing people who doesn't have access to enough food. In America food waste is quite huge ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8xwLWb0lLY ) but in New Zealand is still something to worry about ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_waste_in_New_Zealand )
Unfortunately i cannot do something as good as Massimo Bottura ( http://www.foodforsoul.it/ ) but i would like to start something in my possibilities.
I would like to ask you to write to me here on the blog on my email ( genzocispy@gmail.com ) or maybe even easier on my blog ( genzoblog.wordpress.com ) whatever you have old in the fridge before you trow away. I will try to give you recipe and way to reuse that food and making something good for your family.
Thank you for your time, stay strong family and smokefree, and maybe doing some more cooking will help you to stay without smoking, who knows ^^ for me works well eheh
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Feb 2 2016

Stats Update 600 days smokefree - A new beginning

Smokefree days: 600 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 7200
Total savings: $5,644.80

Hello smokefamily!
I hope you are all good and having good moment! I cannot believe I manage to reach 600 days without fags...How happy and proud I am! this is a great results, means that you can do anything when you want it and do your best for it!

Talking of which...a new beginning for me and wifey! I finish Sunday to work in the restaurant i worked for the last months because I wanted new challenge...so the challenge is here! we are moving to Wahieke Island! I will be one of the chef in the best restaurant of the Island and my wife will be restaurant manager of the best wineyard there! I will go there tonight ( we managed to find a room to stay for a while ) to sleep without wifey for a couple of weeks and then she will come to because she quitted later than me.
cannot wait, i am so exited! If you know tripadvisor, the restaurant i was working in was in the lower 75%, means below 900° position...and now i am going to work for one that is in the top 20!!!!!! I am so happy! there will be hard work as hell, but I am sure i will grow up so much as a chef!
If we were still smoking we couldn't afford to move or we couldn't afford to go out and enjoy our day off...without talking about the improvement in our health! stay smokefree, it is totally worth!
Wish you the best and when we will got our home in the island you should come for a barbecue ^^

hugs wonderful family!
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Jul 1 2015

Stats Update 384 days smokefree - winds of change

Smokefree days: 384 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4608
Total savings: $3,626.00

Hello quitfamily! how are you?
I hope you are all doing great!
here, as usual, we are in the middle of changes...as always lately.
4 Weeks ago I started to work in the bakery as i think i wrote. Well, there my first week was great, but then the owner changed attitude and was really rude on me. My colleagues told me i was doing great but apparently wasn't enough for him, so last friday he fired me.
Oooooook...so here we are again...to start all again from scratch.
I send a few cvs on trademe and after a couple of hour i receveid a call from a very close restaurant. I made my trial and the chef was extremely happy, while i wasn't happy about the restaurant. Bad organization, bad serving and very bad condition of the kitchen. They told me to go back tonight at 4 to do my first day and talk about money and stuff. It took me all of last night to think about what to do.
In the end i decided to give it a try for another service.
If they give me the chance of change something then ok, otherwise i'll refuse.
On the bright side, my wife will start to work for the Sky city complex with a wage of 50.000!!! and that sounds really good to me! at least one of us is doing great at work... I am asking lately if i was right to try to work in the kitchen and not keep to work in the floor ( i have 12 year of experience there ) but hey...things went like this, so i just have to keep going at least for 3 months for immigration purpose.
Always on the bright side are my stats, they are pretty nice eh? ^^ i am very proud of this result because this was maybe the most difficult year i had, but i managed to pass it without fags. So that means that they really are useless...they just give a bad addiction, bad smell, bad health, bad wallet...everything is bad aout fags, and with just some determination, Nope and odaat you can live far better.
Other good thing is that we applied for a finance for a car...hope it goes smooth!
I am sorry not to post too much lately but things are keeping hard...oh well, not a problem, i am harder than a coffin nail!!!! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2HsUNgE_bw )
Ah, one last thing, if anyone is interested i wrote some new article on my blog to help that american friend. If you want feel free to send me recipe or anything to help him live better and healthier! ( https://genzoblog.wordpress.com/ )
Hugs to you all my friend!!! STay strong and Nope!!!!
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Jun 14 2015

Stats Update 367 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 367 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4404
Total savings: $3,469.20

wohooo!!!!! 1 years passed!!!
who could believe i could reach this result? with all the trouble we were through i was able to resist 1 year...now the next step is 500 days i'd say!
as i already stated, if you stay focused you can do everything!!!!

i wanted to share this a couple of days ago but we haven't internet because of some line problem, fixed like 10 minutes ago ^^

Looks like things are turning for good. I started to work at the bakery 2 weeks ago and I left the restaurant. just in time actually because they are going to seel it at the end of the month!!!!
the work there is great, i really enjoy! And it is great to wake up early ( around 6 am ) but i have every evening free!!! good!
my wife is going good too, she had a couple of interview at Skycity and now she is only waiting for the contract to sign!!! and the amazing thing is that she will be manager for breakfast and lunch service, so we should have togher the evening free!!! some time togheter at last!
I go back to what i was doing ( making a surprise to my wife folding all our clothes and putting them in order, ironing...lot of fun ahahahah ^^)!
I hope that all of you are doing good, and i wish you all the best! to the one who want to start remember that you can do it! it is hard, but totally worth...remember that if it is not hard, it is not worth doing it!
have a great evening smokefree family!!!!
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May 18 2015

tomorrow maybe

Hi family,how are you?
just a fast hello to everyone and one update on my situation...tomorrow i will have a trial in an artisan bakery...hope this goes well! it could be a really nice change of things...for better!
these days a least were very busy so not much time for thinking on things...enjoyed some time with my wife...that was good because she is really tired of her job because for the 3rd time things aren't what they were supposed to be...so even for her on friday maybe can change a lot again...never stop fighting here ^^
good things, what doesn't kill you make you strong!


this song is quite right at the moment for me...keep going against everything!!!!!
good day everyone ^^ i will make some bread for wifey ^^

p.s. as i already told if someone want to learn or just have a coffee togheter just email me ^^
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May 12 2015

For AXL or whoever wants to start running


This image explain rather well and easily the best exercise to do for a proper stretching after running.
There are lots of people that will suggest you to do stretching even before starting running. I don't fell to do like that.
Stretching is something that has to be done with WARM muscles. The best way to warm up your body is doing what you need to warm for. So just run at 50% for start, then 75% and as soon as you feel warmed up go for 100%.
this is my personal suggestion. but everyone is different so you maybe want to stretch even before. In this case remember just to do exercise very slowly...the exercise are in anycase the same.

Don't worry about the time given in the image. You have to stretch until you feel you need to...can be 30 second, can be 60...
hope you can find this useful!

have a good day everyone and thank you for your comments on my last blog...love ya all ^^
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May 11 2015

Stats Update 333 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 333 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 3996
Total savings: $3,136.00

Hello quit family!!!
how are you?
I am in another bad period...very low morale.
Me and my wife, though the good news of being officially New Zealand resident ( yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! ) experienced a lot of trouble as you know...other varoius problem are just adding one to another and even if minor I don't have anymore the strenght i had at the beginning.
Now i have some problem at work because there isn't much work so i am doing only few hours and I am hourly paid. We manage to put in the bank only 50 or 100 $ per week and considering we were almost at 0 is not good...we would like to have a little more stability so we can plan on having a child...
I was happy that things were turnings good, and now again to start finding a new job to add to this one ( i'd prefer not to change for immigration reason ) no money again...no way of relaxing because everything has a cost.

I am keeping saying to my wife that we were right to come here and we are sure of this, but trust me....starting a new life in another country so far away from home is the most difficult thing i have ever did...and i quitted to smoke ^^

To this i can add that i didn't receive any support from my 2 best friends, that i think are like or more than brothers for me. My pizza paid physyo is haing a bad moment too, so i am supporting and helping him...my wife thanks to god is working a lot but she is tired and stressed.
The other day i was quite down and was nervous and she wrote to me that i have to be her safety net and her tranquillity not a reasosn of stress otherwise she will lose her mind.
Yeah, i agree...but who is there for me? who is my safety net?
The people in this blog are really helpful, but i really wanted my friends to support me...

To this, since my wife smoked, i am always thinking of smoking. I am still smokefree but this is so hard in these days and i don't feel so strong...

On a positive way i get sooooooo better in making bread!!!! i really enjoy this...I enjoy so much that i am searching job as a baker ^^ hope to find one ahahah ^^ i send a cv to a bakery in Tauranga ahahah ^^ we'd love to move there who knows this is a new start ^^

We are thinking of moving, we are tired of Auckland. we are thinking of lots of place, especially rotorua or northland because rentals are low...we are even considering CHCH even if we are freaking afraid of earthquakes...
we just want to settle and have a beatiful life...hopefully close to the sea and in a relaxing place.

sorry for the long post, but it helped to put everything out...thanks as always smoke family just to exist ^^

have a good night!!!

p.s. if in Auckland and you want some homemade bread email me ( genzocispy@gmail.com ) so you can came here with flour and we can talk and have a coffe while waiting for the bread to be done ^^
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Apr 19 2015

feel better

Hi quit family...
after the last blog and mostly thanks for your answer i feel a little better, more relieved...i think i needed to talk with someone about this mess ^^
i told my wife what you write me on her and she thanks you guys.
Tonight to make her feel better i prepared a foot bath with erbs and a cream to relax muscles...hope this will help.
I wrote to all our friends to ask them to send me a picture of her and a sentence about what they think of her...hope to be able to put something good togheter and to cheer her up.
if wife is happy, life is better even for hubby eheh ^^

I've just finished to refresh my "lievito madre". it is an artisanal yeast for baking. very long preparation and i am still at halfway, but should be good for just a little bread...
i am pretty tired but i will stay wake up a little more to do some massage to her...and then i will die on my bed ahahah ^^

have a good night smokefree family, you are amazing. thank you for your support
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