May 31 2016

Happy SmokeFree Day Everyone

Smokefree 1533 days
NOT smoked42924
Money saved
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Mar 21 2016

4 whole years today

Hi special quitfamily - even though I very rarely post these days, I'm still lurking watching you achieve incredible stats - I am so proud of you all! Having smoked for over 40 years, I believed smoking was an integral part of me and felt I would never be the same person without it and that is how I felt in the early days of quitting - in hindsight, it is irrational but that's how strong the addiction is.
Trying to ignore the mind games: I went to the movies, went on walks where smoking was not allowed, slept with the help of Rescue Remedy, I knitted and gardened.
The freedom, lack of stress and serenity I now know as the norm is the prize for those tough early days - it is so worth pushing through them.
Keep going everyone, you too can reach the 1, 2, 3 or 4 milestones.
With you all the way xxx
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Dec 15 2014

1000 Days

1,000 days
28,000 cigarettes not smoked
$19,376 supposedly saved (but did have the house painted which I could not have done)
Hi everyone - I still log in to this amazing site every day to see how you're all going - what an amazing group of people you are!
This, for me, was my toughest struggle ever, so I totally understand and admire your commitment and strength along with your unconditional support for your peers.
Having smoked for 45+ years, I am finally free and that is the most rewarding feeling I have: along with pride, satisfaction, happiness and self esteem, also the feeling I'm a positive example to my grandchildren, which I wasn't to my children - sadly something I can't reverse.
I hosted a neighbourhood Christmas party at my place last night - 30+ people and not one smoker - isn't that great!
All of my younger social life revolved around being in a smoking environment but we are moving forward for our children and grandchildren!
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2015.
Love to you all xx
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Jun 26 2014

Stats Update 828 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 828 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 23184
Grams NOT smoked: 5915
Total savings: $19,862.40
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Feb 15 2014


Hi PSPSP & you to PG xx
Just wondering if there is a theme to Rothy 2. I'd like to be part of it again this year if I can conjure up my experiences in a clever, humorous way :)
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Feb 2 2014

Stats for Pokuru Girl

This sure is going to be an interesting outcome. My stats as of today 2 Feb:
684 days smokefree
19,152 cigarettes not smoked
Loving seeing such successes and so many newbies getting ahead with the help of our wonderful quit site:)
I'll post an update very soon when I have more time.
Luv to ya all xx
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Jun 19 2013

Long time no see dear quit family Still herexx

It seems that quite a few of us are being tested physically this year - sweet Rainbow, your blog made me sad today and encouraged me to blog again. You're so intelligent and strong that I know you'll get through this and be ok and smokefree Lovely; PM you too darling, what a strong, proud young woman you are; PG & PSPSP, you're both too special for anything to put you back, I'm so proud of you; RobertRich - we're all here supporting you unconditionally - lotsa luck with the Doc; special Heiro, love having you back, this is your time Sweetie x I know none of you will smoke again - yeehaa :)))
In April, I had to face the fact that I didn't have a choice and had to have an operation on my brain to have an aneurysm removed - scared??? Absolutely terrified!! My recuperation is slow so I haven't had the time or concentration to be a support to you all yet I'm here every day loving seeing how well you're all doing.

456 days smokefree - unbelievable :)))
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May 31 2013

Stats Update 437 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 437 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12236
Grams NOT smoked: 3122
Total savings: $10,493.00
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Mar 20 2013

1 year is Here WOW it feels amazing

Hi fellow quit buddies
I’ve reached the 1 year pinnacle at last and I’m in great company here I see :) It is achievable peeps – for a confirmed smoker of 46 years to quit and reach a year means you all can do it too x
What a journey – one I will NOT be repeating! At the beginning of the quit, time seemed to drag and the days seemed so long & miserable but racing headlong towards the 1 year goal, time has caught up and is now back to normal – it’s fantastic!!
This is a very auspicious time of year for me as today 20 March 2013 is one whole year smoke free and yesterday 19 March 2013 marked 3 years since I made the move from Auckland City to my rural retreat surrounded by native birds & trees - both experiences I longed for but it took time for me to ‘bite the bullet’ as they both seemed as if they would just be too hard. Go for whatever you want I say as the bonuses are endless - change really is better than a holiday.

I can’t sing the praises of being free of cigarettes enough:
. my children are so happy and proud of me
. no more coughing
. no more trying to find a place to smoke
. no more judgemental looks
. smell better
. skin has more colour and less wrinkles
. whiter teeth & whiter nails
. no embarrassment when @ drs/dentists/hairdressers re smoky smell
. cleaner breath
. less anxiety
But the pride and confidence I’ve gained in myself is priceless, the tough times honestly pale into insignificance in time.
You are all an amazing, special group of people who have supported me, helped me, advised me and believed in me – thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx
I just want you all to experience this same amazing feeling of freedom. Lotsa luv xx
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Mar 11 2013

Will stay in touch xx

Hi special quit family :))
I've been AWOL for the last couple of weeks and missed congratulating stevo and rainbow for reaching their first breathdays - been following you both as I'm a couple of weeks behind you - REALLY PROUD OF YOU!!! We all know what a tough journey this is and you've reached the peak - sending you huge congratulations and (((hugs))) xx
Found out last week that I need to undergo an unexpected operation quite soon, must say I'm apprehensive but I'm positive that things will be ok. Just have to wait for the hospital to contact me. Don't worry dear friends, I'm honestly ok and being a non-smoker will help enormously won't it?
Stay strong everyone xxxx
ps great to see Spyug online again :))
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