Mar 5 2018

Knowing my triggers


19 days auahi kore / smokefree

Thought I was strong enough to enjoy a cup of coffee, one of my main triggers. Errrrrr nooo.........chewing on gum now. Got to give the old coffees a rest for a while :(

Other than that near hiccup, everything is sweet az :)

Happier, more positive, more energetic.
My skin is looking shinier, yellow stains on fingers are gone
Life is good

Kia pai to ra, have a good day :)

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Mar 2 2018

Re entering the social scene


16 days smokefree.
And in that time I've stayed away from my friends, my dart team. I think I'm ready to get back in there.
I'm psyching myself up for tonight. Thinking about all the scenarios, how to keep myself safe from temptation, what I'm gonna do etc.....
Have my gum,lozenges, quick mist ready. I do have a vape but I've decided to try without that...I'm trying to break that habit of the hand to mouth motion.
I'm a non drinker, so alcohol won't influence me.
Yep I'm ready, just hope my dart team is ready .
The boys will be $H1^^%g themselves, cos when I'm focussed I'm ON.
Which is the same kaha I'm gonna give to my non smoking.
Kia pai to ra......have a good day :)

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Feb 28 2018

Little steps but a milestone for me


Yaaayy I've reached my 2 week milestone :)
I was so excited about reaching 14 days, after breakfast and my first coffee for ages I got a little inkling for a ciggy. But being on such a high instead of relaxing and doing my 4 D's I just chucked a piece of gum in my gob.
Now I'm a bit disappointed because I've been doing it cold turkey with no nicotine substitutes until this morning.
And it was yucky, certainly didn't need it.

I feel stronger because I know it's not nicotine I crave, it's those habitual times, moments, situations that I was yearning.

I Can Do This !!!


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Feb 22 2018



8 days smokefree. Got the urge after lunch. Jumped on the phone to quitline to speak to somebody.....anybody. Talked to a lovely support person. Crisis over. Man I'm afraid of that nek minit moment. This is one of the hardest things I've done in my life. Trying to retrain my brain, to break a 30+yr habit.
Whoosah....inhale ....exhale.

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Feb 21 2018

Through sickness and health


This is my first blog, 2nd day signed up with Quitline. And 7th day smokefree. Just got out of hospital yesterday from having a viral cough. So had no lungs to puff on a cigarette all week, only to breathe. Started practising and focusing on what I would do when I got home. A bit of a test last night after dinner, felt like a coffee and a smoke. Cleaned dishes and kitchen straight after, then brushed my teeth. Kept myself busy and lost that urge. Gee I'm gonna have one spotless home alright lol.

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