Feb 17 2020

Stats Update 1462 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,462
Total savings: $17,544

4 years yesterday!!
I did remember just didnt log in.

I am super proud of myself as I really thought I would be stuck in the addiction cycle forever.

My advice to those starting is:
Believe in yourself
Never ever quit on your quit, if you slip, relapse (I'm the relapse queen) pick yourself up, readjust your crown & carry on!
Be kind to yourself mentally & physically. Quitting is a big deal so play nice.
Reward yourself regularly with small treats ie: a coffee, get your hair do, movie etc.
Use all the tools available to you. I used patches & these blogs to help me. What works for me may not work for you. So what ever tools you choose embrace them & go for it.

This road is a bumpy one at times, but trust me its so worth it!

Much love Yas01

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Feb 3 2020



Hi there
I just logged in as I knew I had an anniversary this month.
Its the 16th & will be 4 years!
I cant believe I have done this.
It took me years to stop.

I always thought I could stop whenever I wanted however that wasnt the case.
There was no way I could I was hooked big time.

I smoked for 20 years.
I started with a pack of 10 for $3.20 which would last me a week!!
Then I progressed to a pack of 20 in a day. Always ensuring I had another packet in my handbag just in case I ran out!!

I had hit & miss attempts of quitting.
My first real attempt lasted 3 weeks then the September quake hit & within the hour I was outside smoking.

Then it was a yo yo effect until I got real sick with pneumonia that's when I knew I had to stop.
I was on the back door step smoking & coughing terribly. In fact I had one lung full of fluid & was hours from being taken to hospital.
I stopped because if I didn't who knows what could of happened & I'm now nearing my 4 year anniversary.
Sad when I think now I only quit because of a health scare.

Now days I am the healthiest I have ever been.
I have adopted a low/non toxic lifestyle for myself & my family.
I have a lifestyle page (2nd one now) which I share lots of stuff that makes up my quirky life.

If I can do this so can you.
My motto back then was ODAAT - One day at a time.
Take it slow, be kind to yourself as this is a rollercoaster of a ride but go with it the benefits are incredible.

I will check in on my anniversary.
Unsure if any of my smokefree buddies are still on here if so "HI" you know who you are.

Better go & do some work
Much love Yas01 xx

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Aug 8 2019

Me again


Hi all
I posted yesterday for the first time in ages.
Was a su r prise to see me stats to be honest.
These days I don't think of smoking anymore so when I logged in I was like Wow!

It was lovely to see some of the familiar names comment on my post.

Yes my boy is now 12.5 & started high school this yr (man do I feel old lol)

Lots have changed all for the good in my life & I'm loving it.

I am right into hearth & wellness.
I have a lifestyle page now & people actually follow me!

To those starting out or relapsed keep at it.
It took me 9 yrs to actually quite for good.

I called myself a serial quitter.
If I can do it so can you.

Take it slowly
Have a goal even if it's a daily goal
Be kind to yourself

Much love Yas01

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Aug 7 2019

Stats Update 1268 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,268
Total savings: $15,216

I logged in as I was curious on my stats & wow!

3.5 yrs ago I had another attempt & that was my sticky quit.

Still smokefree & loving it.

I quit with a goal to do a duathlon well after 2 duathlons, 3 mudruns, 1 colour run & several walking events I'm loving my life.

My partner still smokes so I quit with a smoker in the house. That was hard in the beginning but he was supportive of my choice.

I am blown away with my health & wellbeing now.

The freedom now of not being tied to smokes.

I don't have the $$ to show but have been on trips around NZ & I know it's not being spent on smokes.

The best thing for me is knowing I am now the CEO of my life!

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Jan 1 2019

Stats Update: 1,050 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,050
Total savings: $12,600

Wow I haven't looked into here for such a long time & I'm blown away more so with amount of smokes not smoked!

I love the freedom of being smokefree.
I have turned my life around because of this.

I am healthy, fit, I am a Wellness Advocate for natural health company to name a few.

I don't crave smokes don't even think of them.
Yes my partner still smokes & I'm OK with it doesn't faze or tempt me at all.

My track record was terrible a serial quitter lol.

But if I can do it anyone can.
With the help of quitline, these mlogs & self belief I achieved my goal of smokefree ☺

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Feb 6 2018

Stats Update: 721 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 721
Total savings: $8,652

OMG, nearly 2 years.
I can't believe what I am seeing.
Took me years to quit for good but now I have a new healthy life which I love.
Be strong, if you slip get back on the horse.
If I can do this you can.
Lots of love xx

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Dec 28 2017

Stats Update: 681 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 681
Total savings: $8,172

OMG I logged on and I knew my stats were up there but wow!!!
Yes I've gone up a dress size. Yes it was hard to begin with. But I am love being smokefree.
I have achieved so much fitness and health wise since I quit.
Never ever give up on this incredible journey.

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Aug 25 2017

Im on here


Hi all
I have been unable to get into the new site since it started.
Yesterday with the help from someone from Quitline IT got me in.
Now though all my stats are back to 0!!

Pretty gutted please Quitline can you help me get my stats back.
Thanks Yasmine

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Jul 1 2017

Stats Update 500 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 500 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 5000
Total savings: $5,500.00

OMG, words can describe how I feel.
I never thought I could stick at it but wow!!!!
I was a hell smoker for over 20 years.
So many attempts, but I never gave up trying.
If I can do this so can you!!
Stick with it guys, its so worth it.
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Jun 4 2017

475 days

Hi all
Haven't logged on for ages.
I don't think of smoking at all now, loving the smoke free life.

Lots going on with my boy.
Lots of assessments, referalls, stand downs from school.
Went from ADHD to no its not but learning disability.
This week has been full of assessments, meetings, tears, anger to you know what we can get thru this together.
Finally making a bit of head way with school, diagnosis nearly done,.

Its been such a trying 7 months now but maybe in another 6 mons we may be there.

The old me would of been smoking like a train thinking its calming me down. I know better and to tell you the truth the amount of money it costs for some of these assessments if I smoked I wouldn't be able to pay for them. How un fair wold that be to my boy.

Lovely to see everyone doing so well.

Take care all, xx
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