Nov 1 2019



Feeling pretty good, taken a lot steps cutting down planning and resetting to get ready in my head and it’s finally come together..... made the full commitment on my birthday.......Just cutting down made a huge difference getting to the 5,43,2 cigs was real progress and the money saved in that time frame was epic and it’s in the bank 👍. Day 3 staying free

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Aug 14 2019

Reduced the cigs


Part of my planning is to trim back and change my routine.
Quit date 7/9/19
Excercise mornings feel good
No morning smokes
X3 good habits of change
Happy smokefree day

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Aug 5 2019

Im giving this another go


Plan has reset and each day will be a reminder to help myself.

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Dec 20 2018

Wide awake at 412am


So here I am having a browse and reflecting on the last few days.

I was losing the plot with the husband the other day, little stupid things, poor dude.... had to say I’m feeling like shit today so just say nothing please lol. 😇

Yesterday was niggling, my work buddy is my life saver👀 just calling to chat and talk rubbish gets me back on side lol

Another work mate asked how it was going?..... nice share how I was going lol pretty proud of myself and loving the dosh in my pocket and the cleaness.

Have a fab Thursday and keep up the positive vibes and blogs your life savers as well 👍

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Dec 16 2018

Evening all


Well I think I have had a pretty good weekend kept busy and had loads of water def gotta be good 4 me.

I think if I did not have my vape over the weekend I could have slipped badly.... so I am freaking happy for that.

I was pretty wreaked sat lack of 💤 over the week.... so was great to chill.

Prepared for another week...patch ready, vape charged and sleep awaits me.

Thanks for sharing tips and honest truths about how your doing 👍much appreciation for sharing.

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Dec 14 2018

Sleep or lack of it


Ok is this a thing😩 i wake up at about 1am every night since quitting and i am what the hell is this all about.

May need a plan to shut off when i do wake, getting annoying.

Im pretty proud of my efforts lol just saying lol 👍 have a great Friyay

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Dec 12 2018

Wow weee


Really noticing how much time i have........not stolen time anymore.

Work has been good not freaking out, went outside with some ole mates today and just enjoyed the catch up, took my vape just in case and it was good as.

My fams are real good in support and is good no one smokes.

So wow weee and ma te wa

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Dec 10 2018

First real day back at work


So so so still new and Wow I’m impressed with my first day at work smoke free and not feeling terrible and did not at all.

Changed my break times and did other things lol chest feels breathable lol and glad I am on the mend from a chest infection that caused me some kaos

Thx for listening 👍

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Dec 8 2018



Day 2 and new here and wide awake 👀 at 2am so decided to join quitline 👍

I had my last cig at 3pm on Weds.

I kinda got a rapid WTH health kick in the butt.... freaked me out enough to go yup I’m ready now.

My plans moved faster than I intended so I already had some patches and gum and vape at the ready..,,,,,good planning now I think about it.

I have a flash of its smoke time.... then i breath I just go do something else or drink my water.

I’m positive ✅
Look forward to keeping in touch for motivation and support.

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