Sep 22 2014


So I survived the weekend without having a cigarette but because I went out and had a few wines I puffed on an no nicotine electronic cigarette and Oh my gosh did I feel awful the next day! My throat was burning like it used to if I chain smoked all night and I don't think I will ever smoke one of those again!! I thought I was being good but I think it did more damage than an actual cigarette, either way I am still not having a real one!
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Sep 16 2014

10 days no smokes and no booze

I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs and I find strength in knowing that it isn't easy and sometimes you can make mistakes but it is the positivity of the community that will help get us through. You guys are legends!

I made it through the weekend! Had to hermit myself though and decline all social offers. Noticed I have become quite tetchy but have explained why to my kids and they said they don't care as long as I stay not smoking, sweet little things they are. I feel like I am spending most of my time snapping and apologising at the moment but it won't go on forever right? I have decided that since I am quitting smoking and not drinking (until I master the non smoking) I may aswell take up healthier eating and spot of stationary cycling to keep myself busy.

I am loving not smoking and already I have been told my skin is looking better which is a bonus. So keeping my fingers and my will power crossed that I will conquer each day as it comes!
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Sep 10 2014


I haven't had a ciggie for 4 days but that is no major because every week I do 7 days with no smoking until the dreaded Friday comes around. Me + alcohol = chain smoker. The next day I feel awful and sick but every drinking time I do it. I have decided now that my best bet for stopping is to stop drinking until I have a better handle on giving up the cigarettes and oh my do I hate them but I find that drinking and smoking are my identity because I have been doing it for so long that I don't actually know who I am without them. I have been smoking on and off for 27 years the only times I have managed to stay off was during pregnancies but then I could drink again after them and one puff turned back into the habit grrr!
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