Aug 12 2019

Stats Update: Day 1,827 smokefree which equates to 5 years and 1 day,


Smokefree days: 1,827
Total savings: $24,280

I can't believe it! Today marks 5 years and 1 day since I quit smoking. Such a surreal feeling as I still remember day one, week one and even my first month and year like it was yesterday.

What I am proud of is disassociating smoking to any emotions I used to have. In the past 5 years and stressful times in life smoking has not been my go to. This is because I have severed that tie and refuse to make that connection again.

When you make that choice to quit and you stick to it, never let your guard down and become complacent as it is during this time you are tempted and your quit can fall down like a house of cards, leaving you feeling defeated. So be steadfast, be strong. Aim to put one foot forward at a time... the key here is moving forward no matter how small a step make it forward to a smokefree life.

I type here as a person who smoked for over half her life time and with the support from others from this site, and following their journey as well I have been able to build a great defense system to not give in to cravings and protect my quit.

Yes it was so hard in the beginning. Yes I struggled. Yes like you I doubted myself but stuck to my guns. Yes it does get easier. Yes those mood swings, irritations and angry moments do pass.

Be encouraged when you read this blog. We are all people who are on different paths in our journey to living a better life without smoking. Be kind to you, smile ODAAT, You got this!

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Jul 11 2019

Day 1795 smokefree


Today while gardening my sis sparks up a ciggy. Oh that smell hit the senses hard, nostalgic moments flitting around in my mind. I could hear my voice (all of a sudden sounding like Golum luring me closer) saying " We wants the precious.. yes we do" and just like that on my other shoulder "NO! Its not for us, it is not precious at all! So the internal dialogue continued for a time. I got up and moved out of the wretched smell and went about my business.

I refuse to cave in but understand it is so easy to do so. Im not doing anything out of the ordinary, there is no reason behind that temptation and just like that Im having to face facts. I cant let my guard down ever and neither should you.

I will be 5 years smokefree in August, never taken one puff since I quit back then. I flatly refuse to. Ive walked as an addicted smoker for 27 years of my life. I owe the habit nothing.

If youre having trouble holding on, find your reasons again, remind yourself there are people out there that have been in the same part of the journey youre currently on and they still continue to strive forward as you will to. You got this 😜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜†

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Apr 28 2019

Day 1721 smokefree and still going strong


Smokefree days: 1,721
Total savings: $22,872

Smokefree days: 1,721
Total savings: $22,872

Good morning quit family,

Just popping in to say hi and hopefully encourage people with my quit journey. It has been a journey where Ive been tested, challenged and faught to protect and maintain my quit.

The battle of the quit is invisible as it happens on the inside of you. Outwardly you can be seen as calm and everything looks fine but inside your mind youre struggling.

I want to tell you, it does get easier, the struggle may seem big for you now, but the more you fight it the smaller and less significant it becomes. Think about it logically you already know what its like to be made captive by a habit that is appreciated by no one. No one is complimenting you on how fresh you smell after a cigarette. The amount of money invested in the habit has provided zero benefits to anyone as it has literally gone up in smoke and there is no value added to your health whatsoever. I found that when I got real with myself without 'excuses or reason' and embraced my quit like a Boss there is no going back.

Yes I still crave now and then, more then than now, but when I recognise that I'm craving I think about how far Ive come and laugh the crave away as it has no power or control over me anymore.

I encourage you to be that "BOSS" over your quit, don't let it boss over you and your life.

You got this! 😜πŸ€ͺπŸ‘

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Mar 12 2019

Day 1674


Smokefree days: 1,674
Total savings: $22,247

Top of the morning to you all. It's a great day to be quit. Just checking in to encourage those of you the start of your quit. You can do it! We have all been where you are and yes it does get easier. Thats not to say it was easy. Blogging on here helped me release my frustrations and read how others dealt with their quit. I too was inspired by many people who had quit for over a year and wondered if I had the resolve to do the same. I will be 5 years smokefree in August this year.

N.O.P.E! Hang in there, push through, you are stronger than you think, dig deeper, you got this! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

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Nov 19 2018

Day 1561 translates to over 4 Years


Smokefree days: 1,561
Total savings: $20,745

Good evening quit family,

Thought I'd login for a nose, I'm still going strong, full steam ahead, with the cost of living nowadays I wonder how people can afford to smoke. I'm glad thats not something I have to be concerned about. I am wondering where Ive misplaced this $20,000 dollars, if anyone finds it please dont hesitate to contact me πŸ€ͺ😜, much appreciated. Have a wonderful week!


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Aug 10 2018

Day 1460 thats a day shy of 4 Years


Smokefree days: 1,460
Total savings: $19,403

The day I quit smoking I decided I was going to do it for good, 4 years later Im proud to say nothing has changed. I'm still smokefree, I still crave (they don't rule me) but they are more subtle than anything. I can't believe how expensive cigarettes are now and am glad I don't support a habit that robbed me of my health and wealth.

The following points come to mind, I hope they support you in your quit:

It wasn't easy to quit smoking but it wasn't so hard that I couldn't do it.

This site and the people who have supported me have been instrumental in my quit. I blogged every day for a 100 days to help me get through.

I still remember the first day, week, month and year that I quit like it was yesterday - it stays with you, look back at your journey to continue to push you ahead.

Keeping vigilant in your quit

Deal to your emotional connection to cigarettes and work on severing that connection.

Identify people who are out to sabotage your quit and quit being near them until you're strong enough to deal with both them and your quit.

Understand that the struggle does lessen with time.

There are more reasons to quit than reasons to smoke.

Stress is normal, your reaction to stress is a choice you make.

You are stronger than you think, give yourself some credit, be kind to yourself.

If you're struggling right now remember this never give up on quitting. You can do it! It does get easier :) Hang in there!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€

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Jul 1 2018

Day 1 420


Good evening quit family,

Wow next month marks my 4th year of being smokefree. I have been reflecting with a work colleague who quit last year. We both agree going back to the habit is not something we see in the future.

I suppose having undone alot of associative habits and emotions to smoking has been key to successfully quiting thus far.

I am still going strong, never once picked up another cigarette since I gave up. It does get easier, the journey will test you, your limits, your strength, your grit.

When it gets hard, dig your feet in the ground, push against that crave. You don't have to put up with it.

Be inspired but the many awesome people who are on the same journey as you. We all know from experience.

I post feeling blessed and happy that I have quit. I am loving life and being so much richer in many ways.

Keep warm and keep up the great work :)

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Aug 11 2017

Day 1096 smokefree which translates to 3 years


πŸŽ‰Day 1,096 thats 3 whole years!πŸŽ‰
Total savings: $14,565

Morena everyone,

Today marks 3 years of smokefreedom for me. If someone told me that after 27 years of smoking Id be able to quit and stay quit for 3 years and then some, Id have thought they were crazy.

The journey has gotten so much more bearable. I rarely crave and definitely have never caved. My life is without a filthy habit that Id cling to for dear life.

I will celebrate with a lovely custard square which I have maybe once or twice a year as one chooses not to look like a custard square hahahaha.😜

I encourage you to stick to your quit, tell yourself you can do it. Be persistent and take it one day at a time.

Have a great day πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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May 9 2017

Day 1002

Smokefree days: 1002 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 15030
Total savings: $13,334.30

Top of the morning to you all. This past week has perhaps been one of the hardest weeks in my life to date. With my siblings we've had to organise my fathers tangi (funeral) what a whirlwind of a time. In all of the chaos, sadness and despair I am proud to say I not once thought about grabbing a cigarette.

I figured I can do that because I have my triggers in check. I have dealt with those inner ties and severed them completely. Being surrounded by loads of smokers throughout made me realise that I am stronger than I thought and that no matter what has been thrown at me I refuse to budge.

For those of you having troubles in your quit, be stubborn about your quit, be proud and stand proud. It isnt a bad thing to quit its the best decision and choice you could make for yourself and your loved ones.

I choose to be staunch in my quit and I challenge you to do the same πŸ˜œπŸ™„
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Mar 21 2017

Day 953

Smokefree days: 953 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 14295
Total savings: $12,669.80

Good morning to you all. I brought my first custard square yesterday, my treat for making it another week. However its now beem over a year since I brought one. It was devine!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I'm hanging out to join the thousand club anf soon enough the 3 year milestone. Having gone from the day, week, month, hundy club. Reflecting on my goals, triggers, strategies for not smoking Im happy to report I am still going stronger than ever. Smoking is no longer a struggle I deal with. I find that alot of whanau and friends consult me about quitting and it makes me proud to be able to give them advice on how to start.

If youre struggling in your quit right now, dig deep and be encouraged by my blog, it truely does get easier. ODAAT - One day at a time... you can do it.

Have a great day everyone 😁
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