Feb 1 2014

Stats Update 1249 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1249 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 12490
Total savings: $6,875.00
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Sep 1 2013

Three Years today

Smokefree days: 1096 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10960
Total savings: $6,028.00
Amazing. I have done it. This goal was beyond my dreams and here I am.
Feeling all the benfits of SMOKEFREENESS.
Free from the chains of habit.
More confident
In a word Happier.
Thanks for all the support from everyone here.
Next goal 4 years SMOKEFREE
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Aug 24 2013

Stats Update 1088 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1088 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10880
Total savings: $5,984.00

Hello everyone.
I have been so busy lately that I hadn’t realized until today, that in one week I will have completed yet another SMOKEFREE year. I didn’t believe at first that I could quit, but I DID IT and there is NO WAY I will ever smoke again. It is very hard at the beginning and so many times I wanted to say, “ That’s it! I can’t do it”, but I had promised myself that I would Quit and do my best to make the most of my life while I could, so I stuck with it.
I used to laugh at people who tried to warn me about the harm I was doing to myself, but if only I had listened I wouldn’t be struggling for every breath after I have climbed a few stairs, or sit on the beach wishing I could scramble over the rocks without being afraid I would venture too far and have trouble getting back onto level ground. Don’t get me wrong, I am not feeling sorry for myself, and I still attempt most things and make the most of every chance for adventure that comes along, I just regret that I refused to see the pitfalls ahead.
I had other health issues, not related to smoking, and these have finally been “sorted”, so I am finally getting out and about more, hence the reason for my absence from the Blogs. I have missed you all and often think about Rainbowfish, Proud Mumma, Yorkshire Lass, Worker, Ady, Yas01, Pops, Clematis, Heiro, Joybelle and so many others, and wonder how you are all doing.
I just checked up on some of the blogs and I see Heiro has had some exciting news. Hope all is good Heiro.
I often see young people smoking and I have to bite back the urge to shout at them “Don’t do it”. It is an insidious habit,and you’re hooked before you know it and then it is such a struggle to break free.
It is good to see so many Newbies joining the blogs too.
Keep up the good work all and enjoy your SMOKEFREE weekend.
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May 31 2013

Stats Update 1003 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 1003 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10030
Total savings: $5,522.00

Hello everyone. I've been away for almost a month. Had a fabulous holiday in Australia.
If I hadn't quit when I did I would not be well enough or financial enough to afford such a luxury. I'm so glad to be SMOKEFREE. Good to see so many doing so well on their quit journeys. To all the newbies, it seems so hard at first, but stick with it, cos it is so worth while. Happy SMOKEFREE day all.
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Apr 25 2013

Stats Update 967 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 967 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9670
Total savings: $5,324.00
Hello everyone. I cant wait to get to 1000 days SMOKEFREE now.
I will be away for a fortnight. I am going to Australia to visit my girlfriend. We have been friends since our Primary Schoool days, probably around 63 years. I cant wait to see her.
It is so good to watch the newbies making such great progress. I remember when I first began my journey I used to think I would never make it past the first couple of weeks, but if you keep beavering away it is possible. The bonus for me is the extra dollars in my savings account, and my health, although still not good is much better now that I am not filling my lungs with smoke every day. Take care all. See you in a fortnight.
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Feb 5 2013

My Lucky Number

I was so excited about writing a blog today because 8 is my lucky number and would you believe I have been SMOKEFREE for 888 days. I figure that's 3 times lucky.
However today got so busy with other things happening I have only just sat down to write. Just a quick flick through todays blogs and blow me down who should have called in but my old mate Ady. I always miss the goodies.
I still can't believe that 2 years and 3 months ago I was just embarking on this fabulous journey. As you all know it can be a hell of a roller coaster ride. There are days when you think this is too hard and want to throw it all away. Then something simple like being able to smell the perfume from a rose wafting through the window, or going into a room with the knowledge that people see you, before they smell the odour from the cigarette you hastily stubbed out before you made your entrance, makes you decide to hang in there and stay focused on becoming SMOKEFREE.
I never thought I would have the courage to say it but I am sure now that I will never smoke again.
Every newbie who joins gets a secret pat on the back from me. It is so brave to have made the decision to quit and I wish each one the very best on their journey. I know its hard work but it is so worthwhile.
I was in awe of the "old hands" when I joined. I remember thinking "holy cow" I will never get to a month , but it happened, then it continued until here I am today with stats that would have once seemed unattainable.
I have been 888 days smokefree, and saved $4,884 by not smoking 8880 cigarettes.
I am grateful for all the support I have received from everyone along the way. This is such a great place to be.
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Dec 1 2012

Stats Update

Smokefree days: 822
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 8220
Total savings: $4,521
Start Date: 1 September 2010
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Nov 25 2012

This Is Ridiculous

I need to write this to distract me. I was having a lovely day. The weather is great, I've done some gardening, just taken an awesome date & lemon loaf out of the oven, the pork roast is on for dinner at 7, all is good. Suddenly like a bolt from the blue, my thoughts went like this. "Now you can open a beer and sit down and have a cigarette".
I can't believe that after 816 days, and 8,160 ciggies not smoked, my mind could still come up with a whacky idea like that. Will it ever end?
Needless to say I am not enjoying a beer I am typing this to keep my evil mind away from smoking.
It is so good to see all the Newbies climbing on board.
Dec.1 with all the stats will be awesome. I just hope the system can cope with so much traffic on one day. Really looking forward to that.
Thanks for listening people. I am feeling much better now and the need for a ciggie has gone. Take care all. See you on Dec 1.
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Oct 29 2012


I hope I got this right.
Doesn't seem like 2 years ago you joined this site. Haven't seen you here lately, but no doubt you are keeping an eye on us. Hope you have a celebration planned for your 2 year milestone.
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Oct 19 2012


I was at the Doctors and he was making an appointment for me to see a specialist and asking all the usual questions to confirm my details. Out of the blue he asked "Do you smoke?" I heard myself saying "No" and then I realised that 2 years ago I would have been on tenterhooks dreading that question and the ensuing inevitable lecture. I suddenly felt so proud and relieved to be SMOKEFREE.
I have come a long way in the past 2 years.
A lot of the credit has to go to quitline and the many friends, anonymous though they are, that I have made here. You have all been so supportive and I will be forever greatful.
There are so many newbies now. It used to take only a few minutes to read the blogs and now it takes simply ages because there are so many. But I still love to read each one.
I cringe when I see young people smoke these days. I want to rush up to them and beg them to stop.
I remember how I first said I would quit when I was 20, then again when I was 25 and 30 and so on until at 66 I finally took the plunge and did it. Why did I wait so long I wonder? The answer is simple. I didn't have the courage to try.
I am still adamant that I don't want to become a disapproving reformed smoker, such as the ones who often used to ruin my day when I was smoking, so I wont force my ideas onto others.
I know that it takes time to decide to quit and no amount of nagging or scalding will hasten the process.
This is where quitline comes to the fore. For me they were just what I needed to "seal the quit deal" Thank you quitline.
I hope each and everyone of you enjoys the long weekend ahead. If you are travelling, stay safe on the road, and above all enjoy your SMOKEFREE weekend.
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