Sep 1 2019

Smoking to Vaping Journey


Smokefree days: 42
Total savings: $1,344

Kia Ora,

I use to have 15-20 smokes a day. A lot of friends had made the switch to vaping (mainly to the small one available at BP or Z that rhymes with MALT, with 4% nico). After a few weeks of making the plan to quit one Monday I bought a pack and the vape. I gave myself a week grace period where I could only have that one pack and I could use the vape.

One week later I ran out of smokes and I made the full time switch to vaping. I’m happy to say that I’m 6 weeks in since I quit and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the change.

My next goal is to change full time to the 0% nico, which I am doing at the moment :)

By all means, please try and quit without the need to switch to vaping, but I hope my experience helps in some way to others considering the switch or going through a similar journey :)

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Aug 16 2019

Day 26. Saved over $500 but struggling with cravings today.


I'm really struggling this week with my stress, I feel like a cigarette but I know the feeling and taste of having one would be awful and not be worth it.

I called the support line today and they were really helpful and great to vent to. If anyone out there is not coping, please do call the helpline as they are awesome and have definitely helped me out a lot.

Any words of support would be appreciated :)

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