Oct 15 2019



Where's Pop's?
Hope Your ok, sending BIG Smiles
& very best wishes πŸ€—

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Sep 27 2019



Backward slide, trip up, hiccup, stubbed toe.... call it whatever
There is no reason to be embarrassed, ashamed nor weak if this has happened to You.
Our anonymity on this site, allows us to Be what we are. We are addicts-not of our own choice...
So, if You've fallen down
Be strong, pick up the britches & GO again....
There is only 1 good thing about smoking??!!
That's Quitting....
And all the wonderful things that go with it!!!!
Happy birthday to my wise child! He turns 31 today πŸ™‚πŸŽ‚
He doesn't cough, he never smoked& I'm so happy for him πŸ€—
Enjoy Your weekend all
Stay Strong πŸ™‚

GO the Mighty All Blacks πŸ†πŸ‰πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

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Sep 26 2019

Shout out


This day has gone by, without a blog nor comment. So, just to break the monotony lol! thought I'd offer a shout out to
Nana22 & Smokefreemep-2 amazing Women. Hope You guys never need this sight, again 😜
Being Smokefree in the Summer is the best!
Early to bed on Saturday-life is nicking an hour of beauty sleep!!

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Sep 15 2019

Gone Dunnit


Since mid March, I've been saving my acreage off-I intend to celebrate my 60th- in Style!!
All the years of smoking-this would NEVER have happened...
We've booked a 10day cruise to the islands in April next year & doing it with Panache. Have upgraded our cabin to a Suite!! Discovered after booking, the extras that comes with this. WoW!
Booked so far in advance, that I checked the airlines-yup, booked&paid for all flights, Inc extra leg room πŸ‘the 6'2" will be happy!!
Got an awesome price, with awesome extras & the MOST awesome thing? No Smoking!!
Sadly last nite, I fell over....
I've remained 'chippie free' since end June...& was especially Proud of this, curse those things-like bruddy smokes...
Today is Fresh-start again...
New plan-to shift some of these 'saved up' kilos... B.S 7.2 πŸ‘
Stay Strong all
Enjoy a Smokefree Spring Sunday

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Aug 30 2019



Well, the ABs team, for the Cup, has been named,
A remarkable Hurricane will not be there-shame☹️
Keep Your Smokefree chin up, Laumape
Your turn will come, You'll see,
Those who are seasoned, have been where You are,
I Believe in Your talent,
You Will be a Star 🌟

Congratulations to our New & Younger ABs! There are doubters, out there, not Me, I'll be hoarse,
Of Course.
Happy Father's day to All the Dad's who're Quitting πŸ‘
Enjoy a stunning Winter Wellington Weekend
Stay calm & Quit on!
Go the Mighty ABs πŸ’—

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Aug 21 2019

50003 cigarettes NOT smoked


Smokefree days: 2,778
Total savings: $38,803

I've waited for days-well...a few days anyway, for this number to arrive.
Whether it 50,000 or 5...be Proud of Your effort! Quitting cigarettes isn't easy...it's STAYING quit that requires fortitude. We get this from our Quit. Take a bow, You are making a difference πŸ‘
Stay strong πŸ™‚

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Aug 16 2019



apparently I have NO BLOGS
to cap this off, I've become anonymous....
I've got more patience than most-today... it's run out ☹️
Nanaturtle says, Haere Ra πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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Aug 8 2019



Back in, again!!
Nothing really new to report, except this break is full of Nothing! Giving Me, some My time..
Enjoying domestication...
Should try this more often!
Stay strong newbies...
Each trip up, is an opportunity to strengthen Your resolve& learn...
How did that happen?
This is what I'll TRY, next time that happens
Eventually-Your Quit will come
And the Pride that comes with that-never goes away..
Use whatever aids You need, keep Your eyes on the prize, believe You can (cos U CAN)
Stay Strong πŸ™‚

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Aug 5 2019



Hi guys, have been locked out again, think I've found a way in, but if it's not successful first time around, sorry 500 error... then gotta wait for about half a day, before I can try again
Anyways, here now...
Planning a beautiful trip to celebrate my 60th coming up in November...saving my tushy off, so for now, no more concerts. A cruise will definitely be part of this-the planning&looking is probably the most exciting part of this πŸ€—. Currently on a long awaited leave...worked thru Christmas, staff shortage, bosses surgery, finally, a week for Me. It's just gone Noon& PJ's never felt this good! Broke the drought last nite! Just 1& BS reading was 8.1 this morning-just inside! There will be another test in 2weeks-this will determine if all my hard work has proven fruitful or if I succumb to yet another drug. On the fence, currently....
Great to see newbies coming on& some of Our long-termers supporting.
Have an Awesome Smokefree day everyone...until next time I sneak in the back door lol!
Kia KahaπŸ™‚

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Jul 27 2019

Tis the season to be Jolly


Who's watching the ruggers tonight? Better still, Who's going to THE game tonight? Family gathering at #2 Sons. 8yr old Grandy is playing at 9 & I gotta work 😟 Uggerba!
Still doing July, dry..they will try tonight-but, I'm stronger than that, now! BS?-Im the Winner, rang nurse yesterday, told her the meds are untouched& why. She was impressed, another blood test in 3weeks will reveal all...
Meantime, I have a new Mantra
I Feel good...na na na na na na na!!!
Yup, actually singing again at work (quietly, tho!)
Have a Great Smokefree weekend, all &
Go the Mighty AB's πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‰

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