Mar 21 2020



Sorry if this is too much but Is it normal to get a cough and wake up with a slight build up of mucous after youve quit?
I had a bit of an irritated throat prior to quitting but now its just got worse. After a cough in the morning its good though

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Mar 20 2020

Sweet Tooth


Wow! So i am on day 3 and a bit.... i never remember the sweet tooth being this bad!! Its crazy

How long does this last for usually??
Im also going to need to start eating breakfast i think....

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Mar 18 2020

Im Back


Hey everyone

So i am back. Multiple times i have been here and left coz i got stuck in the cesspit of a jail cell aka smoking.

Yesterday i went and had hypnotherapy done at 5pm so i have been quit for over 12 hours already. Feel fantastic, car f***ing stinks so i bought another air freshener this morning.

Have to save up some coin to get car groomed i think.but yesterday cost me enough as it is !!

Happy Hump day to you all

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Jul 9 2018

Stats Update: 84 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 84
Total savings: $720

Its amazing how far you come when you dont follow this on a regular basis

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Jun 25 2018

Stats Update 70 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 70
Total savings: $600

And so far all the money that i have "saved" i have spent lol

Its on things that last longer than a pouch though so im still winning.....sorta 😀

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Jun 15 2018

Confused and feeling lost


Need to blog/vent.

Well. I have reached 60 days.
Didnt realise that 60 days had come round already. The past couple of days have been a bit full on. Pretty annoyed at my partner because of how he spoke to my daughter. I pulled him up on it straight away but im still so so angry. All i serm to hear is excuses.
Even his blatant laziness and not picking up after himself. Im his partner not his mother and not his slave!
Literally at my wits end and im expecting a child with him? Wtf have i done! Whats meant to be happy times are not happy times and it straight out sucks.
Could have easily puffed back a ciggy the past few days but i havnt... so so so confused with what to do. Mind is going in circles

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Jun 5 2018

Stats Update 50 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 50
Total savings: $428

Holy Heck!! 50 DAYS

ive shocked myself on this one.
Have the odd craving occasionally but it goes away really quick.
Didnt know i had come this far.
Good surprise for the day :)

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May 28 2018

When does it end


So.. im a month or so smoke free.
My gums have now started to bleed when brushing and im still coughing up crap.

How long does this last for ??

Getting over it really quick

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May 24 2018

had a laugh


Had a wee laugh.
received a txt from quitline mentioning if you are moody with out the smokes etc..... I giggled, Im pregnant so im just plain straight out moody hahaha

Hope everyone is doing well at kicking the butts to the curb.


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May 22 2018

Day 36


I was blogging most days but eased off a bit.
On day 36 today, dont even know when day 35 rolled round as i havnt really thought about it much.
Coughed up a lil bit of black/brown stuff this morning so im guessing my system is still clearing itself out. Pretty dam gross really.

Hope all the new comers are doing well and taking day by day on their quit journey.

Have a good smoke free day peeps and enjoy breathing the fresh air ☺

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