May 22 2020

Quit Book


Getting closer to finishing my Quit smoking book now.
about 2 more weeks, should be done.

I wonder if quitline would be interested in it.?

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Mar 26 2020

Help with Info Please


Hi people,
Im having difficulty obtaining prices of cigarettes per pack between 1980 - 2019
If you know the prices that you were paying for a certain year I'd really like to know, I need it for my book.
I do have some years but theres a lot missing and Aunty Google isn't telling me the answers.
I know the info from 2010 - today will be written in these blogs somewhere too but trying to find it isn't so easy. ( what am i doing wrong 😂 )

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Mar 12 2020

Support via Blogging


Hello Everyone.
I'm writing this post to inform you all of a Very Important point.
This support via blogging means not only writting your own post detailing your own struggles but most importantly...
It means Giving support to all the others blogging post too.
If you don't support others with your heart felt support, then don't expect others to reciprocate the same support & friendship that you're looking for.

I'm 9yrs smokefree now and this site used to be buzzing alive 24/7
I look here today and its almost dead.. I can tell you all now, Giving support is far more rewarding, self strengthening and power building in Your Own Quit than anyone here cares to realise.
Here's the proof, read thru your comments, notice how its always the same few people doing this & that they're successful long time quitters.. YEAH..
They've been trying to teach you all HOW to do this with ease and the answer is...
Start blogging, not just about yourself but SUPPORT everyone else here, keep it positive, caring & what works for you.
Everything else will fall into place, watch & see how the number of supporters change from 2 or 3 to 10 in just a matter of weeks.
Its up to you people to make this your sanctuary, your place of help, support, ideas and yes.. even offline friendships are made here too.

Changes are coming cos I'm working on them but don't wait for me, make this place what you want it to be, be that leader, be that winner, challenge yourself to take over your life of smoking, be the success that you so desire.
Tell others how well they're doing, how you got thru a hard day, welcome the newbies, remind others about the 4D's, make this your 2nd home.
At present the comments and action is zero, dead, if you want to feel good about this & get lots of positive support in your quit you will need to make some changes, starting right now.
Ready... GO ✔ 👍 😊

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Feb 21 2020



Hi ppl
I'm traveling to Timaru at present, a funeral to attend.
So may not be very supportive for the next 5 days.
I'm all good and ask that everyone keep pressing onwards in their quest.
Pick yourself up and keep on this path, there is only 1 way you're gonna win at this and that is to keep trying no matter how many times you slip up.
How many times did scribble gibberish before you could write properly at school.?
That didn't stop you from practising for perfection...
Same goes here..
Stay focused, Keep going, you're going to do this.
Cheers ppl 🍺

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Feb 5 2020

How To Make This Easier..


Hi People,
I have written blogs on how to make quitting easier over the past 9yrs I’ve been quit, using different analogies and viewpoints and so today I thought I’d write a brief cover plan.

The hardest part to quitting for most folks is in the first month with cravings in the first week hitting hard and the habit of smoking constantly showing through our subconscious, (smoking & not knowing why) a little knowledge in this area will help arm you in preparation to succeed in this quest for freedom.
Whilst there are several means available to adopt to help one quit, the most successful methods for most are printed right here in these quit blogs, provided means & path by Quitline show the same proven & agreeable methods to succeed in quitting tobacco bringing the rewards & putting control back in our hands.
As we know the more effort we put into something the better the results that come from it, so below I will list what works very well, it’s what I did going cold turkey and has been very successful for many people.
If this isn’t for you then feel free to use your own method, (what works for you) as there are several ways to quit but in the end you’ll have to stop putting cigarettes in your mouth in order to actually quit smoking.

What is the best way to stop smoking?
1. Make a plan approx. 30 days in advance of your quit day – Call Quitline on 0800 778-778 to discuss this, order a quit pack,
Digital Plan is here..
2. Start using affirmations daily – I will quit smoking on XXXX date, I will not smoke anymore after the XXXX date. Etc
3. On the day Before you quit - Clean up all smoking paraphernalia, have no signs showing.
4. Stock bottled water in the fridge to keep cool.

On your quit day:
✔ Do not smoke at all… Ever (Remember the 4 D’s)
✔ Stay busy – a busy mind has no time to smoke
✔ Begin use of your NRT if you have chosen to use one.
✔ Participate in these blogs by giving & receiving support. –
Works like magic
✔ Drink more water – Sip water when cravings come on.
✔ Drink less or no alcohol for a while – approx. 30 days.
✔ Avoid being next to individuals who are smoking.- join
them after
✔ Avoid situations where you’d have a strong urge to smoke.
✔ Change your daily routine.

Feel free to Blog here if you need support or call Quitline 0800 778-778
I could break each point into an essay of info sheet here however I’m saving that for my book. It doesn’t really matter which method you use or how you quit successfully, so long as you quit. There are several ways to cook a meal & so long as it’s cooked you will enjoy and benefit from it.
Good Luck Everyone.

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Jan 28 2020

Back Again Folks


Hello lovely people,
Just a quick post to inform you all that I've got back to working on my quit smoking book, off & on over the years this has taken me far too long to complete so now I'm back to writing.
Yes I'm still smokefree, of course I'am, there's no way I'd throw away over 9yrs freedom for a poison.
I don't know when I'll finish my book but I'am getting closer every time i work on it, then i go over and re-edit it.. Hahaha
that cuts it back a bit.
Were going swimming so I gotta go get ready..
See you all soon.

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Nov 5 2019

9yrs Today


Hello Everyone,
Yes i remembered my 9th year milestone tonight, only cos of the fireworks otherwise I'd be non the wiser.

This post has been made to prove to you all that once you get over the hurdles or the hard part of quitting that it really is achievable and it really does get easier, so easy that i need guy fawkes night to remind me. (Lucky reminder day for me)
I couldn't afford to smoke today, not at $250 p/week And the really expensive cost is the number of days/weeks/months even Years that would be taken from me by an early death... Yeeaahh No Thanks.

Although I may know how to quit successfully, how it feels, whats required and what one has to go thru in order to win.. That now I have to Re-Apply those very same principles in another area of my life in order to be successful in my next list of goals.
Looks like i have to go thru those weird feelings again to get what i want.

It doesn't matter what your goal is, it doesn't matter how difficult we think it is, Life is a series of challenges and will continue to be so, that we have to know a method or system to overcome such challenges and achieve our goals one at a time.
I have found a way, and have written in my blogs in many different ways for everyone to use.
I wish everyone great success & a happy smokefree life.

My stats are..
Smokefree days = 3,286
grams not smoked = 37,554
Money saved = $69,099

Thats some crazy amount of dollars Not spent on smoking and at todays cost, you tell me & Tell Yourself just how bad you need to quit,
Tell yourself how hard its getting to breathe already, how you could do with more money, better health, more energy, less problems overall etc
Tell yourself you've got a hundred reasons to quit and the rewards...
Are astonishing.
Go get it everyone, its all yours if you want it.

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Aug 22 2019

Some Thoughts


Hello Hello, How are we..
Long time no see.

I came here to grab a copy of the Fruits of Life I posted way back in 2012 for someone who could do with it and thought I would make a blog while here to go with the other 154 blogs Ive done over the years.

What works, whats the easiest way to quit...
*Commitment* - is the easiest way I know to quit.
no point being half arsed about this, its your Life, your health, your breathing, your money, your time.
Once you make that commitment and mean it, then you can learn what to avoid for a little while to make your life easier while quitting, you will learn lots about smoking, infact you will learn more about smoking while you quit than you did in all your years of puffing away.
This knowledge will help keep you Aware of what you're doing and Why you feel like you do sometimes.

You will understand that inside yourself you will become 3 people at the same time..
1: Who you are now, wanting to succeed, wanting to quit.
2: Who you want to be, how you see yourself in future, smokefree and knowing whats right and good for you.
3: Who you used to be - Your old self, telling you its ok to smoke, nobody will know, just one more is alright, why dont you quit next week...
That person is the damaging one, thats your subconcious telling you lies cos thats what you fed it for a long time and now it feed that same info to you.

Yes, you need to change How you see this.
You need to change what is acceptable and what isn't
You need to take control, be determined and make that COMMITMENT.

What if I told you how to get $7,000 a year and better health, more time on your hands, a happier outlook, easier breathing and a better life in general on many fronts.. Now would you make that commitment to quit smoking.
Anytime you think im misleading you, just ask any of the successful ppl here, I know they'll tell you the same thing.
What would you give to quit smoking..
What would you sacrifice to be free from the addiction and have more money Every year...

So what are you waiting for.
See yourself winning and its yours, take it now.
Make that commitment, take control, be YOU the you that you want to be (smokefree) and you will find all the strength you need inside yourself, lots of guidance & ideas here, come here and blog Daily as this place does help.
Read other successful members blogs, I have lots to help you, best you read way back tho.
Good luck ppl, you really can do this,
Cheers ✔

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Dec 18 2018

Whos Struggling


This is for those who would like more incentive or reason to stand firm in their decision, When you think.. I could do with a smoke about now, remember this..

A short video to help you stand Strong, being Firm knowing you really are on the best path, No tissues needed for this video, this is what 300 cigarettes will do to you.
Then imagine what 10, 20 or even 30 years of smoking has already done to you.
Think your breathing is OK do you, go for a 2km jog then tell me what you think.
Watch this short video, it will help you.
Will make fighting the addiction a lot easier, will make you think... I am so gonna rip this addiction apart and say it like you mean it.. with power in your voice.
Good luck ppl.

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Nov 21 2018



Smokefree days: 2,937 ( 8yrs )
Total savings: $61,760
This is based on 80gm p/wk and $92 p/50gm
YOU will be saving around the same if you Quit Today.💥
More incentive to stay Quit. 😎 ✔

Just a reminder to help with the quitting..
When we lose focus we’re forgetting our goals, were forgetting What we’re doing and our reasons Why we’re doing this, and that’s why when it's hard we’ll accept almost any reasonable suggestion that our minds give us,.. such as 🚬 smoking.
You’ve done the smoking habit for years now so it’s hardly surprising that there’s no obstruction or blockage to smoking unless you remain in Focus.
If you go off track your mind will wander and will accept many different suggestions as we forget what our Focus is, If we struggle to remember what we had for dinner 4 days ago it’s not surprising we easily forget our goals, if it’s only a mental picture that we obtained at the start of our Quit then we’re going to need to reinforce that to succeed at this Very Tough but highly rewarding Quest.

Remember the saying ‘out of sight, Out of mind’ well its true, but the good news is.. it also works the opposite way around too.
‘In my sight, In my mind’ which is why tangible items such as printed documents work really well, ie: fridge magnets, stickers or certs, postings, reminders on your fridge or bedroom wall are powerful tools.. ‘In my sight, In my mind’
Focus is a Strong, Quick and Definitive Remembrance of our goals which remind us in the hard times What & Why we’re doing this and what the rewards are in order to help keep us on track and acts as an obstruction or blockage to any wrong doing such as smoking.
Success is a matter of viewpoint, so.. what do you see today.!! 🏅
We can change the world by the way we see it with our knowledge, we can also change ourselves in the same way, stay Focused folks.

You already know this info but I just want to help you increase your chances of success.
Cheers Everyone. 👍 🍺 🍺

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