Jan 3 2019



We are into a new year, so again there will be people who have made the resolution to give up. Good on you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

You will feel that you are fighting the devil. But realise the devil can be beaten.

If it was going to be easy then everyone would have given up already. So just keep fighting the nico devil.

My stats are 8 years 11 months and 3 days, 48886 ciggys I have not had.

Hang strong and hold your head high you are now a non-smoker.

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Jan 4 2018



Hello out there, thought I would just pop in and give you all hope in your attempts to quit that habit. The urge will go away, some may take a while, some can do it overnight, (that was not me, took me months). But hey it has now been 7 years 11 months and 4 days. That is 43425 smokes I have not had. The urge has definitely gone. I like that I no longer smell, I am no longer the odd person out (the smoker) in the crowd. I can even take a long walk without my lungs giving out. And look I have money in my wallet.

So yes it is hard, but just focus for each day, get through that and then focus on the next day. Soon it will be a week, then a month and then it will get easier. Avoid other smokers if you can as they will just help you start again. Just keep the picture in your mind of you as a non-smoker.

Good luck, see you all in another year!

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Mar 2 2017


Good morning folks, thought I would pop in and say hello. I am still a ex-smoker. I gave up 2586 days ago, that is 7years 1month and 1day ago. It is now just a faint memory that i used to smoke. My records show I have saved $15000, but that was at the prices 7 years ago, will have saved more at todays prices. So get through the hard part, for me it was 6 months, and then you are really over it. I must admit I don't like being around smokers. So hang in there folks.
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Jan 9 2015

Well here we go again

Another breathday on the horizon. It has got to the stage that I now sometimes forget that I used to smoke. It is no longer a drag, there are no hunger pains for a fag, wow did I actually smoke.

Well yes I did but it will soon be 5 years since I gave up, that's right 5 whole years, currently 1804 days without a ciggy. Saved nearly $11000.

I used to miss the cigarettes, always felt there was something else I am missing to make me feel happy. Well those feelings have gone.

So those just starting on the path to being a ex-smoker it is hard to start with but over time gets easier and easier until you seem to forget that you were once a smoker. A bit of pain (seems like a lot of pain) to get a small gain (it is actually a big gain). So give up smoking NOW.

Cheers all,
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Jan 24 2014


Hello folks, thought I would pop in and show it is possible, I am coming up on another breathday.

My stats at the moment show
3yrs 11mth 3weeks 2days 23hours, nearly 4 years
This is 1453 days
And wow 21809 cigs not smoked
Saved me $8723.70

Don't really notice anymore that I don't smoke. Used to feel like there was something missing in my life after I gave up, but that feeling seems to have gone. Do find that smoking people annoy me, I can't stand the smell, where it used to give me cravings and feelings for something missing, it now makes me try and avoid it.

Giving up is much easier when you don't have smokers around you, so give yourself a pat on the back if you are succeeding while those around you still smoke.

Cheers and see you all next time!
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May 31 2013


Good afternoon folks. I see it is smoke free day.

My stats at them moment are 1216 days off smoking, just passed my 50th.

Health wise don't miss the cigs, but sometimes my mind recalls the high, but I don't think I would have the courage to start again. Which is funny as usually it is people that don't have the courage to stop. I've stopped and don't plan to start again.

Well enough waffle, if you are just starting the journey, yes it is hard, but keep at it as life without the drag is better.

See ya
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Feb 15 2013


Hi how are you all going. Just thought I would pop in as my stats are interesting,

1111 days
6666 dollars
16666 smokes

See you can do it, suck a sugar free mint today!

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Feb 1 2013

1095 Yesterday - 3 YEARS

Well that is another year gone by without a cigarette. Thats right 1095 days without, 16455 cigs not smoke, $6500 saved. Am I likely to start again? NO. But I still do miss it now and then, the reward part in the brain, NOT the smell, taste, cost or lack of health benefits.

Best thing I did was to change my lifestyle and get away from other smokers. Not having any one smoking near me made it easier by not being tempted to start again.

Those just starting the journey it is worth the pain so keep at it cause life is better without them.

See you all at the next milestone!
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Oct 26 2012


My records show me today is 999 days since I stopped smoking. Still miss them sometimes but not too often. Have substituted "Smint's" and can go through a tin a day. Good thing no sugar, bad thing can give you the runs.

Only a few months to go and it will be 3 years. Wow!

Had a distant relative diagnosed with lung cancer, too much smoking!

Best thing is get out of the habit, get away from the smokers, and just forget about them, get on with life, healthier, richer and no longer an outcast from society.

See you all again in 3 months.
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Jul 20 2012

900 Days

It is amazing how quick time has passed since I stopped smoking. I would not have dreamed I could have got this far. But it certainly seems to be a faint memory now that I smoked.

Have taken up swimming and can now cover 40 lengths without any breathing problems. Only hard part is getting up at 5.45 in the morning.

For those struggling in the first few days or weeks of your journey I can say it does get easier.

I pop in now and then and read about peoples struggles, which just reminds me why I never want to smoke again.

I will pop in again when I make it to 1000 days, only 100 togo.
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