Feb 26 2017

950 Days Smokefree

Smokefree Days: 950
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 19,000
Total Savings: $17,670.00

Happy, proud, and loving the smokefree life!
No blathering from me today.......just go hard everyone.
And remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all.
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Feb 16 2017

Shout Out

Just a shout at to any of our Family in Christchurch who may be affected by the fires.
Hope you, your families and homes are safe.
Thinking of you.
Kia kaha Christchurch.
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Jan 8 2017

900 DAYS

Smokefree Days: 900
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 18,000
Total Savings: $16,740

Yeeha! What a journey this has been - and it continues - but i am very happy and proud to be at this point.
I do see this as a lifelong journey. I will always be a nicotine addict - but i am an addict who chooses not to use. I intend to always make that choice, but i am also aware that i'm only ever 1 smoke away from being an active addict. The only cigarette we need to stay away from is the first one.
Was it tough in the first days and weeks?......hell yeah. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I love the freedom, the fact that i always feel clean and fresh (well sometimes the mind is a bit dirty, but that's another story lol). I love that i now have clothes and linen that don't smell of stale cigarette. I love that when i give my grandies cuddles - they say i smell nice. And i love that i feel in control of my own life.
So for the ones starting out.....just keep going. If you slip up - dust yourself off and carry on. Do these tough first days and weeks - and you never have to do them again. The rewards, and how you feel about yourself, and life - will amaze you.
Stay staunch everyone and remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all.
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Jan 3 2017

Welcome To Our Newbies

It is fantastic to see more people joining up and being determined to become smokefree. A big welcome to the Quit Family.
You may be wondering how on earth you're going to do it. You may be feeling overwhelmed by what you have to do, and how tough it might get.
You have all made the best decision to quit - you've all made a great decision to blog and reach out for support. I did the same almost 2 1/2 years ago and have not ever regretted it. Everyone here either is - or has been where you are right now, and understands. The support here is a huge aid to quitting. Don't be afraid to blog and read other blogs......add your support to others whenever you feel able.
You don't need to know how you'll manage smokefree forever. You only need to have a plan for how to be smokefree for the day. Then do the same the following day and on it goes. I guess what i'm saying is that it is just baby steps.....one step at a time.
In my early days i would tell myself "for today i will not smoke" and i ended each day with "i did good today"
Every single day you don't smoke is a huge victory. Praise yourself for it - and acknowledge that yep it might have been a really rough day......but you did it!. If you did 1 day.....you can do 2.
Also i set small goals to get me to where i wanted to be. First it was just to make it through 1 day, then 3 days, 1 week etc. It is the sense of achievement that motivated me to keep going.
Reward yourself in some way for each goal achieved.
Make a list of things to do when the going gets tough. Keep it with you and use it as often as you need. If something doesn't help.....try the next thing.
Stay focused on your reasons for quitting - especially if you're finding it hard going. If you struggle - put out an SOS here. Somebody is usually around to respond - and it will help.
Mantras that help and really do work:
ODAAT - take it one day at a time
NOPE- not one puff ever
4 D's - delay......don't act on that urge to smoke, put it off
deep breaths.....when we quit we often breathe more shallowly which can make us feel very anxious. Take some long slow deep breaths as if you were smoking.....but no cigarette!
drink water....get yourself a water bottle and make it your new best friend.....it helps flush the toxins and can satisfy the 'hand to mouth' thing
distract......get busy doing something....doesn't matter what it is - just anything to help shift the focus. For me it was walking (waddling!)
Cravings generally last about 7 minutes - meet them head on and just focus on getting through them 1 at a time. They will not last forever. Each one you get through makes you stronger and the addiction a little weaker.
Lastly. Please know that you really CAN do this. No matter how hard....you really can do it.
I smoked 45 years and had huge doubts that i would ever quit after sooo many previous attempts. Now i feel confident about remaining smokefree and absolutely love it.
Push through the tough days and i promise you......you too will reach that place.

We are all fabulous and strong,
Love to all
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Dec 23 2016

Merry Christmas

I would love to go through the blogs and wish you all a Merry Christmas individually, but unfortunately time just won't allow it at the moment, so............
To each and every one of you. To all our lurkers, and to our absent friends, and to the fabulous Quitline staff.....have a very safe and Happy Christmas. Know that we have all given ourselves the best possible, and most far reaching gift. Smokefreedom!
Throughout the Festive Season stay determined in your goal and be very proud of every smokefree day - be it day 1 or day10001.
Thank you all so much for your much appreciated and valued contribution to my own smokefreedom. I'll always be grateful.
Happy holidays all - and remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all.
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Dec 18 2016

Stats Update 880 Days Smokefree

Smokefree Days: 880
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 17,600
Total Savings: $16,368.00

Morning everyone, and happy Sunday to you all. I'm posting my stats for no other reason than i like the look of them today! I'm also very proud of them.
I had trouble even imagining numbers like this when i started out on day 1. Just as well too coz i really did it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day for quite a while. Now i am excited to be smokefree every single day!
In the beginning you just keep your eye on the prize, and get there with baby steps.
It's another beautiful day and i intend to get out there and enjoy it!
Be staunch everyone and promise yourselves that "For today, i will not smoke".

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay Quitsafe
Love & hugs to all.
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Nov 20 2016

Hello From the Lurkers Lounge

Smokefree Days: 851
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 17,020
Total Savings: $15,828.60

Just a visit to touch base as it's been a while. I am still happily smokefree and loving it every day. Sometimes i still feel all silly and giggly with excitement that i have managed to do it, after 45 years of smoking.
Believe me i had doubts like everyone else in the early days.

I'm fully recovered from my op and will be monitored closely to catch any recurrence early before it can get away on us. Obviously i'm hoping that it doesn't happen, but i have great faith in my doctors.

Hubby is practically fully mobile again now....but one toe is just not healing. The bones are actually getting further apart. Another hospital visit for him and they'll decide what to do about it. Maybe surgery to pin it they've said.

Life is very busy at the moment as i'm sure it is for everyone, with Christmas fast approaching. There have been events at the grandies' school i've attended recently and the end of year functions are about to begin.

I see there are lots of newbies on their Smokefree journey. Fantastic decision guys. There will be days when you think you just can't do it. It's normal to have doubts and let go of something that was our 'go to' for everything.
What i learned early on was that at those times....you can get through with bluff and bluster. Fake it till you make it. Lots of positive self talk can really help, whether you believe it or not....just keep it up. Sooner or later your brain will accept it. And make full use of all the support here. It made such a huge difference to me to know that others believed in me when i didn't believe in myself.
Every one of you can quit if you just keep at it. You really can. You are 1/2 way there by beginning your journey

That's my blather for today all. Remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all.
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Oct 18 2016

Thank You

Just a quick drop in to thank Murphy for her shout out last week....and also to the people who left supportive comments.
The op went really well the doctors said and i am now recovering well at home.
It really does make a big difference to know that you guys were thinking of me. And quitting smoking is definitely helping me recover more quickly.
I won't be on here as much now...but will join the ranks of the lurkers and just butt in now and then.
This site and the amazing support here is what has enabled me to do what i never thought i could.....Quit smoking!
Use every tool available for as long as it takes. This is absoultely the best and the biggest thing you'll ever do for yourself.
Thank you Quitline - And thank you fellow bloggers.

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all.
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Sep 29 2016

Stats Update 800 Days

Smokefree Days : 800
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 16,000
Total Savings : $14,880.00

800 days ago i made the decision to do whatever it took to quit this addiction once and for all. No more faffing about and caving in whenever i thought it was too hard. This had to be it!
800 days out.....i love being smokefree. There are the odd times when i hear that old nicodemon squeal at me to have a smoke - but quitting has taught me just to squeal back! And it doesn't take much to send him on his way.

Progress is happening with hubby's foot and he is now back at work as he can now put some (careful) weight on the foot. Sore by the end of the day - but better after a night's rest.

I have a date for my surgery.....14th of October.

Finally we are moving forward rather than marking time! lol.

Have a great smokefree day all.....and squeal (or scream) as often as needed!
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all.
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Sep 15 2016

Catch - Up

Smokefree Days: 785
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 15,700
Total Savings: $14,601.00

I'm very happy to be able to post these stats after the last few weeks. It has been totally manic around here. Honestly it's just been one drama after another. Even hubby said he thought there must be some dark forces at play!
He is still hobbling around on crutches. The hospital decided not to put his foot in a cast at all due to the open wound, so he still can't get around too well. He is now just working 1/2 day with his leg propped up - and the afternoon working from home. Thankfully ACC has provided a taxi to and from work for him.
I have had to do a lot of stuff i've not done for years (due to bone & muscle issues) and boy the body sure knows it. However it's just one of those times of 'who can - does' and we get there eventually.
No word on my surgery yet which is probably just as well. More concerning is the weight loss which just doesn't stop, and i find myself getting very tired and lacking energy.
However!! I am smokefree and still thrilled to be so. I see you all doing well, and hope you're all very proud.
I'm sorry if i've missed important milestones lately.
Thanks also to nanaturtle and SFM for your messages of support.
I found it very encouraging that on our visits to the hospital...i think i have only seen a couple of people smoking. Change is definitely happening!
I may not have been here supporting but i think of everyone climbing Smokefree Mountain every day. Stay strong people - and remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all
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