Sep 13 2017

Cheers Quitline


So much faster and much easier to go through the pages. A huge improvement.
Still a bit knarly with actually commenting on blogs but i'm guessing it's on the 'to do list'?
Thank you - and have a great day.

PS I've just discovered that none of my comments on others blogs are there. They do show until i return to the page......then just gone.

PPS - Ooops. It seems i wasn't patient enough. But on the main page it doesn't say how many comments a blogger has. Or do we only get to see how many on our own when logged in?

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Aug 17 2017

Stats Update


Smokefree Days : 1122
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 22440
Total Savings : $20,869

Good morning all. I had no intention of posting but couldn't resist when i noticed the symmetry in the numbers.
Hope everyone is having a great smokefree day.
I saw this the other day and thought i'd share it....

If the plan's not working
Change the plan
But NEVER the goal.

I thought it was rather appropriate for this journey we are all on.

When you think you can't fight anymore........fight some more. It will be so worth it.

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay Quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all. xo

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Jul 26 2017

3 Years Smokefree


Smokefree Days: 1,100
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 22,000
Total Savings: $20,460

Well a few days over 3 years to be precise - and i will be because i'm very happy and very proud to reach another Breathday - another year without the filthy fags!
This site and all the bloggers made such a difference to me getting through some very hard times, and i'll always be grateful.
I don't think i'll ever get over the buzz of being smokefree at long last. Life is so much better when not lived through a haze of cigarette smoke - and not revolving around when, where, how many smokes i could have. There are still the odd times when i need to be careful and protect my quit, and i'm very happy to do it.

Stay strong everyone. You can do this!
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all. xo

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Jul 21 2017



I also have someone else's Quit Plan on My Page.
And some details are correct, but others are'nt. Best we find all the glitches now eh!

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Jul 6 2017

Stats Update 1080 Days Smokefree

Smokefree Days: 1080
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 21,600
Total Savings: $20,088.00

Couldn't resist posting when i saw my numbers. There aint nothing toxic about this 1080! I am very proud of 1080 days smokefree. Only a couple of weeks off 3 years now!
My wish is for everyone here to be very proud of their own numbers too.
Whether it is 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 year - or more......they are all personal achievements on the smokefree journey. Reaching the top of Smokefree Mountain ALWAYS starts with those first steps - and as tough as it might be -just take pride in every step, keep your eyes on the prize, and keep going.
We are all in this together, and nobody gets left behind.

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe
Love & hugs to all.
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May 31 2017

Stats Update 1044 Days Smokefree

Smokefree Days: 1044
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 20,880
Total Savings: $10,418.00

Happy World Smokefree Day everyone.
For so many years i tried to quit on this day, along with many other significant dates.....but i never made it. Now i have. And that's all that matters. Proof that if you just keep at it - you WILL get there in the end. You just gotta get up 1 more time than you fall.
I am so, so proud of every one of us who has had the courage to do this - and to keep doing it for however long it takes.
We are doing our part to give ourselves and our families a better future, and helping to create a smokefree future for the generation following us.
Everybody here should celebrate today, and i'm also declaring it "Quitters Treat Day" for making the best and bravest decision ever!
Have a great smokefree day all.

And remember:
We are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe
Love & hugs
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Apr 17 2017

Stats Update 1000 Days

Smokefree Days: 1000
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 20,000
Total Savings: $18,600.00

If you see some silly tart dancing on the rooftops in a nannery kind of way's me!
1000 days smokefree is something i didn't dare even think about when i started. My goal was 1 day smokefree - and every day that followed, i aimed to do it again.
Some believe you have to want to quit for yourself to succeed. To be honest my main reason for quitting was for my beautiful grandkids.I didn't think much of myself at all at that stage after so many previous attempts to quit. I felt weak and pathetic.
The grandies had reached the age when it was becoming more difficult to hide myself away to smoke......and i never wanted them to think that smoking was okay.......if nana does it - it can't be bad.
So i had a choice to make - either quit, or spend less time with them. I chose to quit.
It was only as time went by that i began to place value on my life, and to want smokefreedom for myself. Today i am so happy to have chosen that path.
It doesn't matter what reason you have for quitting, Each and every one is valid.
In the early weeks i was quite certain i'd never be happy again - but time is a wonderful thing, and i am so happy and proud to be smokefree after 45 years of addiction.
I love that i now have confidence and self belief.
I love that i now have a strength inside i didn't know was there.
I love knowing that no matter what life throws my way....i can and will handle it. I may not always like it - but i can and will get through it.
Quitting smoking is so much more than just not smoking. It really is a journey of self discovery and personal growth.
Quitting is one of the toughest things iv'e ever done...but it's also one of the things i'm most proud of. Every tough day has totally been worth it.
I owe so much to so many people here on this site who believed in me when i couldn't believe in myself.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. And to my grandies for giving me the reason to try.

That's my blather on this special day. New goal.....3 years smokefree.

Give it time everyone - and remember:
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe,
Love & hugs to all.
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Apr 15 2017

Smokefreemep Shout Out

Sending lots of thoughts, warm fuzzies, and togetherness for you and your family today.
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Apr 6 2017

Stay Dry

Smokefree Days: 988
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 19,760
Total Savings: $18,376

Hope everyone is managing to keep dry.....or dryish for those who have to work outdoors.
This terrible weather is just one of a long list of reasons to be happy we no longer smoke. When i think of the lengths i would go to just to get my fix regardless of how bad the weather's embarrassing!
Yay for all of us not having to do that anymore.
Stay strong all, and remember:

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all.
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Mar 19 2017

970 Days Smokefree

Smokefree Days: 970
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 19,400
Total Savings: $18,042.00

That number includes a LOT of ODAAT for a few months, and every one of them worth it.
My eyes are firmly fixed on the big 1000 now!
Keep climbing everyone. Smokefree Mountain is there for the taking. It can be a long slow climb at times.....but totally worth it.

Enjoy the weekend everybody.
And remember:

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe
Love & hugs to all.
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