Jul 22 2019

5 Years Smokefree


Smokefree Days : 1,826
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 36,520
Total Savings : $33,963

When i started out on this smokefree journey, i had no idea how i would get through the first day, so to be here today is a dream come true for me.
Back then every day felt like it was a week, every week felt like a month, and every month felt like a year. And then it all changed and i was so proud and happy that i was back in control of my life.
Every struggle seemed insurmountable back then - but now looking back, it was merely a blimp compared to this wonderful freedom i have now.

I will always be so grateful to Quitline and the people on this site who never left me hanging when i needed support.

I absolutely love being smokefree. Being able to be fully present in whatever is happening, rather than always working out how and when i could sneak off somewhere to get my nicotine fix.

I am still buzzed every day to be an addict making the decision to not use.

To those in the early days of your quit......never give up on quitting. Do whatever you need to do. Just don't smoke.
Use this site for support and to celebrate your smokefree days. That is what it's here for. And if you slip up along the way......don't let it be the end of your quit. Brush yourself off and carry on. Often it's not a smooth journey - but it is absolutely one worth persevering with.

Have a great day every one and remember:
We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe
Love to all

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Jul 10 2019

Heads Up


Not many posts the past few days and i'm wondering if it's because of the 'An error occured during submission. Please try again later' message.

If you get this message it may be because of an inappropriate word. (Also called profanity)
Sometimes it doesn't give the 'profanity' message. Just says try again later.

If you're having a problem with this, go through your post with a fine tooth comb and change anything that could even remotely be taken as an offensive word.
I've had this happen a bit (even though the word was so mild), and by changing one word, the post goes through no problem.

The censorship is waaaay too sensitive at the moment. And inconsistent.Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

Worth a try anyway. Have a great day all.

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs

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Jul 4 2019

Rainy Days


Smokefree Days : 1808
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 36,160
Total Savings : $33,628

It's a horrible rainy day today. Days like this always make me grateful for being smokefree.
No more do i have to get into wet weather gear and try to find a sheltered spot, scrunched up against the wall to have my fix of nicotine.
Often the rain would be accompanied by the wind, but still i would persevere with trying to light up the blasted smoke. Many times that would involve burns from the flame of the lighter being blown around, and sometimes a smoke ruined by the rain - but i was determined to get my nicotine no matter what.

I am so, so pleased to not have the need to do that anymore. It is such a wonderful freedom.
One that we can all achieve.

Enough blathering from me. I'm off to make a big pot of soup. That's what i choose to do on this rainy day.

Go hard everyone, and remember:
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe.
Love to all.

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Jun 25 2019

The Future Is Bright


I'm so excited. We have a working support button and no 'error' messages either last couple of days.
Thank you Quitline. The newbies can now see they have supporters sharing the journey with them

Have a great smokefree day all, and remember,
We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe.
Hugs all round.

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Jun 22 2019

You Are Supported


I just want to say to any newbies that there are people here who are supporting you wholeheartedly even though it may look differently if you are lacking comments on your blogs. That is due to faults with the site.......not because nobody is commenting. Same with the support button.
I, and i'm sure others, are reading your posts, and supporting your efforts to quit.

I'm so angry and disappointed in the site at the moment and i fear our complaints aren't reaching the right people. Those who can and should be listening to the members of the site. Maybe the frontline staff who we interact with aren't able to make changes, although i would hope the messages are being passed on. Maybe they are as frustrated as us.
With that in mind i am trying something else and have this morning sent an email to Homecare Health who is responsible for Quitline urging them to take a look at what is happening.
Who knows if it will make a difference, but the site at the moment is doing my head in - and i have to try something.

Stay strong everyone and remember,
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe.
Love to all.

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Jun 18 2019

Mr Now


I have tried posting this on your blog many times without success, so i hope this goes through.

Mr Now has every right to feel pretty damn good - and pretty damn proud too.
Congratulations on 2 whole weeks smokefree, and on managing the challenges the weekend presented you with. That's how it's done!

The longer you are smokefree and deal with those challenges, the stronger you become until eventually it just becomes your 'new normal'.

Take a bow Mr Now (hey i'm a poet lol) you are doing a fabulous job.
Keep fighting the good fight.

PS you don't have to be secure in your quit own before supporting others. An encouraging word can make a huge difference to someone else, and i firmly believe we ALL have something to offer.
I found it also helped to reinforce my own quit.

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May 31 2019

Stats Update 1774 Days Smokefree


Smokefree Days: 1,774
Cigarettes NOT
smoked: 35,480
Total Savings: $32,996

For many years i planned to be smokefree on World Smokefree day, but it didn't happen. I still remember the joy when i was actually smokefree on this day.
Still feel the same today.
Thanks to all who helped me achieve what i thought i never could.

And remember,
We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe.
Love & hugs

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May 15 2019

Blog site Problems


I reported a problem with my comments and blogs not posting a couple of days ago. Next day they appeared so i assumed the problem was rectified, but the same thing is happening and i'm guessing it's not just me by the lack of comments and posts.
Is it not possible to put something up on the site to let members know if there's a problem and when it's expected to be resolved?

Fellow quitters if you have a problem with the site - let Quitline know.

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May 13 2019

Help please Quitline


For some reason none of my comments are posting today.
Help would be appreciated.

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Dec 20 2018

Christmas Wishes


Smokefree Days 1612
Cigarettes NOT Smoked 32,2450
Total Savings $29,983

Hi everyone. Had to pop in to wish all my fellow Quitters, both old and new, a safe, happy and smokefree Christmas.
I remember my first Smokefree Christmas had quite a few challenges - but i learned that the tools i used to make it there, worked as well at Christmas as at any other time.......
4 D's delay, deep breaths, drink water and distraction.
NOPE not one puff ever
ODAAT one day at a time.
The support on these blogs.
It was a great smokefree Christmas - and i'm still as buzzed to be smokefree this Christmas.
It can be done, so hold tight to your determination and focus and have a wonderful Festive Season.
And remember....
We are all fabulous and strong
Stay Quitsafe
Love & hugs xoxo

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