Jan 1 2019

Almost 5 years quit


Another 7 days and it will be 5 years quit for me - I don't see any of the people who fought the battle with me on here but I wish them all success in their quit journeys.
For those of you starting out, hang in there and give it your all - smoking solves absolutely nothing......
Feeling sad?? Smokes won't cheer you up but people on here will try and help.
Feeling angry?? Smokes won't get rid of the problem but talking it out on here might give you a different perspective.
Feeling useless?? Smokes won't help but people on here will encourage you and lift your spirits....

Get the picture? Smoking solves nothing and I wasted 45 years doing it - joining quitline was a lifesaver for me and NOPE has been my mantra for all 5 years Not One Puff EVER

Wishing you all much success, you CAN do it.

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Jun 20 2015

You never know what is around the corner so please stay smokefree

For those of you who don't know me, I quit smoking 528 days ago. I struggled, a LOT, but I got through.
3 weeks ago I went to hospital with infected leg, it didn't improve when I was discharged, so back to hospital to be told I am diabetic - very distressing even though not entirely unexpected. If I had still been a smoker, I would have been beside myself at not being able to go out for a smoke and I would probably have been THE worst patient ever.
Quitting seems to have given me a stronger sense of self and the new diet regime has not been as difficult as first expected and the 11 kg weight loss is most welcome (only 20 more to lose)
My point is this - quitting seems almost impossible in the early days but if you can get through each challenging craving, other obstacles in your life will be more manageable - of this I am certain. Stay strong and best wishes for your journey
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Jun 7 2015

Not the best way to lose 5kg

Started shivering on the Sun night, couldn't get warm. Sore leg when I managed to wake up Mon morn and feeling dreadful. Daughter took me off to hospital Mon afternoon and I didn't leave again until Thursday - three days with nothing to eat, didn't want to, CT scans, ultrasounds and ECG's - home again now - feeling better but not 100%.
Back to work tomorrow - *groan* hope I last the day

Through it all, I was so pleased I don't smoke - made everything much easier but was a bit miffed my discharge papers list me as a 'current smoker' - I have since asked them to correct this oversight :-)
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May 28 2015

Im off to Karaoke

Haven't been for months and months - "it's complicated" but I'm going to pop in for half an hour tonight after work - it will be nice to catch up with a few of the old faces.
I may even try and sing - hopefully being smokefree will have improved my voice......no??? oh well, I will just sit and listen instead.
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May 19 2015

Been craving

Been kinda craving recently - nothing I can't handle but I may have to buy larger clothing .....again *sigh* Not sure how to get my body to realise it is time to stop eating. Any ideas???
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Mar 5 2015

I try to avoid things that make me fat

like.........scales, mirrors and photographs.

Have a great smoke free evening x
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Mar 2 2015

Still smokefree and very thankful

I am pleased to say that all your words of encouragement and faith in me were not wasted - today is a bit brighter then yesterday and most definitely smoke free. Remembering the words of people on here who fell off the wagon gave me much food for thought - I don't ever want to go back to day 1, thanks to you all - I am truly blessed.
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Mar 1 2015

Close to caving

It has been a hard week - depression has cast it's cloak over me and thoughts of smoking are so very tempting right now - it seems like everywhere I go, people are smoking and I am feeling envious, which is stupid because I KNOW how bad smoking is. I have seen others stumble and fall here and I don't want to fail at this but I think I just might - I haven't felt cravings like this for ages and they are horrible, absolutely horrible. My brain just won't shut up - hope you are all faring better than I am right now. Cross your fingers I don't succumb to the cravings, I need all the help I can get right now.
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Feb 12 2015

Stats Update 400 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 400 days
Grams NOT smoked: 3429
Total savings: $4,830.00

Not really sure where the money went but I am so pleased to be here at 400 days - life is tough but so much better smike free - one less thing to worry about. I don't blog much anymore but I do come on and read the blogs - to all the newbies, hang in there, you are worth this. To all my quit buddies - I am so proud to have walked this path with you - thank you.
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Jan 8 2015

Yeehar - 365 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 365 days
Grams NOT smoked: 3129
Total savings: $4,410.00

One year ago today I started this quit journey without much conviction that it would last, but it has and here I am - smoke free and so very thankful to quitline and everyone on this site who have showered me with encouragement and had belief in me.
I shall not go back to the dark side, of that I am now certain. I shall be smiling all day long - Happy smokefree day everyone.
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