Feb 11 2018

1300 Days Smokefree


Smokefree Days : 1300
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 26000
Total Savings : $24180

Even after 3 1/2 years smokefree, somedays it's just nice to see the stats.
I haven't been here for awhile but i am still really passionate about quitting, and have had a quick peek at times to see how everyones going on their smokefree journey - and everyone is doing great!
I myself owe my quit to the awesome support here, and i'll always be so grateful to a special group of people i have never met.

Some of those people have also been leaving me lovely messages as i undertake another life changing journey. That journey being breast cancer. I was diagnosed in October. Two surgeries and an MRI later my only option now is mastectomy. I've found it really tough going, but i will get there. In a weird kind of way my smokefree journey has been a great training ground for this journey. The tough days, the rollercoaster of extreme emotions, and eventually the acceptance of a new way of life.

I hope you can all find a way to continue your smokefree journeys, no matter how hard it gets. It truly is worth fighting to become smokefree. There is absolutely NOTHING that smoking will help, or make easier. Nothing. I know i am so pleased right now that i managed to quit.
Like everyone, there were days i just didn't think i could do it, but this site, and feedback and encouragement from the awesome people here made such a difference.
Use this site often. It will be one of the greatest tools available to you - and when you do beat this horrible addiction, the empowerment you feel will touch every aspect of your life, and the lives of those nearest to you.

Be staunch my fellow quitters, and never, ever give up on quitting - no matter how many times it takes. And remember:

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe,
Love to all xoxo

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Oct 2 2017

New me


I've been smoke free for two days now

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Mar 3 2018

Stats Update 1000 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,000

Well the 4 digits are up YAY.

Who would have thought I would be here.....

For all you starters thats what it takes 'To Start" then for me it has been little steps, one day at a time. looking at the achievements and not what is still to come. Living in the now.

We all can fail sometimes - but that is how we learn, and if we are not learning we are not growing and becoming stronger. So don't get discouraged if you stumble, pick yourself up, dust your self off and get stuck in once again.

I have always liked what one of my supporters once said. "If the plan is not working, change the plan - but never the goal"

Kia Kaha - be strong, stay focused, one day at a time.


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Jan 15 2018

Thought for the Day


Willpower is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.
Every beaten craving makes you stronger.

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Mar 1 2018

Cracking it


90 days!!! Smoke free!! Cold turkey!!!

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Aug 11 2017

Day 1004


Gidday folks! Wow finally hit over a thousand days of being free! It's been an emotional journey but one I don't regret. I think back to Day 1 and man that was a struggle, look at me now! I so cannot believe I've gotten this far, considering I use to be a heavy smoker and really loved the social aspect of it as well. For me I started at a young age thinking it was cool, then I became addicted and in turn became my 20 plus years of struggling to quit but not having the courage to give up something I so enjoyed!

Well 1004 days ago I decided enough was enough!!! Man I'm still in shock, oh well, time to move on to my next mile stone I guess! My quit journey has been all about hitting certain milestones, first it was getting through the first day, then the first week, then the first month, then 6 months, then 1st year and so it went on like this.

If you're struggling out there, don't give up, keep going, stay quit! Once again, thank you to everything that has encouraged me in my journey, without your support I wouldn't have made it this far.


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Jan 4 2018



Hello out there, thought I would just pop in and give you all hope in your attempts to quit that habit. The urge will go away, some may take a while, some can do it overnight, (that was not me, took me months). But hey it has now been 7 years 11 months and 4 days. That is 43425 smokes I have not had. The urge has definitely gone. I like that I no longer smell, I am no longer the odd person out (the smoker) in the crowd. I can even take a long walk without my lungs giving out. And look I have money in my wallet.

So yes it is hard, but just focus for each day, get through that and then focus on the next day. Soon it will be a week, then a month and then it will get easier. Avoid other smokers if you can as they will just help you start again. Just keep the picture in your mind of you as a non-smoker.

Good luck, see you all in another year!

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Jun 25 2019

The Future Is Bright


I'm so excited. We have a working support button and no 'error' messages either last couple of days.
Thank you Quitline. The newbies can now see they have supporters sharing the journey with them

Have a great smokefree day all, and remember,
We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe.
Hugs all round.

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Oct 1 2019

The Challenge Begins


Day 1. Cravings come and go. Not weakened. I got this!

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Mar 26 2018

One year breathday


Smokefree days: 365
Total savings: $7,239

It's been a long time coming but I finally made it!😁😁😁

To all you newbies it can be done I was a heavy smoker towards the end, loved my smoking and had smoked for 22 years. One piece of advice I would give is never take your quit for granted, this is my fourth quit one of which lasted two years, just when you least expect it nicodemon comes a calling. Keep your guard up and NOPE forever.

To all my quit buddies I couldn't have done this without your Aroha ❤ thank you.

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