Jun 25 2015

Stats Update 305 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 305 days
Grams NOT smoked: 3050
Total savings: $4,611.20

Hi fellow quitters. I won't be spending as much time on here commenting on your blogs from now on. It's time to move on for me. I will be lurking though and will try and celebrate with you on your milestones and I will post mine. It's been a pleasure to "know" you all. I will always consider each and every one of you part of my extended family and without you I couldn't have quit without your support. I thank you so much for that. As I said I will be lurking.....

Once again, thank you so much my "quit family"☺
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Jan 13 2015


Smokefree days: 366 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 7320
Total savings: $7,027.20

I stopped smoking…....what other impossible dreams can I achieve?
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Feb 11 2018

1300 Days Smokefree


Smokefree Days : 1300
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 26000
Total Savings : $24180

Even after 3 1/2 years smokefree, somedays it's just nice to see the stats.
I haven't been here for awhile but i am still really passionate about quitting, and have had a quick peek at times to see how everyones going on their smokefree journey - and everyone is doing great!
I myself owe my quit to the awesome support here, and i'll always be so grateful to a special group of people i have never met.

Some of those people have also been leaving me lovely messages as i undertake another life changing journey. That journey being breast cancer. I was diagnosed in October. Two surgeries and an MRI later my only option now is mastectomy. I've found it really tough going, but i will get there. In a weird kind of way my smokefree journey has been a great training ground for this journey. The tough days, the rollercoaster of extreme emotions, and eventually the acceptance of a new way of life.

I hope you can all find a way to continue your smokefree journeys, no matter how hard it gets. It truly is worth fighting to become smokefree. There is absolutely NOTHING that smoking will help, or make easier. Nothing. I know i am so pleased right now that i managed to quit.
Like everyone, there were days i just didn't think i could do it, but this site, and feedback and encouragement from the awesome people here made such a difference.
Use this site often. It will be one of the greatest tools available to you - and when you do beat this horrible addiction, the empowerment you feel will touch every aspect of your life, and the lives of those nearest to you.

Be staunch my fellow quitters, and never, ever give up on quitting - no matter how many times it takes. And remember:

We are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe,
Love to all xoxo

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Jul 11 2013

Stats Update 78 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 78 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1560
Total savings: $1,248.00

song name and singer...old school funk/disco

baby, baby, when I look at you
i get a warm feeling inside
there's something about the things you do
that keeps me satisfied

i wouldn't lie to you, baby
it's mainly a physical thing
this feeling that i got for you, baby
makes me wanna sing

i feel for you
i think I love you
i feel for you
i think I love you

ooh i got a trophy showing on my quit page lmfao! oh that's why i had to answer that question doh! so funny!

nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently talented fool.

pretty quiet today @ work...booga booga lmfao!

song name and nz band

no more empty self-possession
vision swept under the mat
it's no new years resolution
it's more than that

now I wake up happy
warm in a lovers embrace
no one else can touch us
while we're in this place
so I sing it to the world
simple message to my girl

whew! listening to these songs atm...

i've been drinking wine lately as i have gone off beer

the wine i favour is the brown brothers/milawa/victoria/australia and the wine is called cienna - semi sparkling red...try it bloggers you might like it...its a sweet wine not one that makes you quinge and squint big time lmfao! keeping in mind that i nearly always boycott australian products! this one exception only! kiwi hard!

might try something else to drink as the wine is a little too sweet for me haha

hmmmmmmm might try whiskey and ginger ale on the rocks or jd's rtd! too many decisions to make haha

pay day for me and payroll to update heck! work work work...how are y'all out there today? i'm sweet as...
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May 1 2014

Working through some SILLY triggers

So, the 5 year old daughter of who I have coined “the most amazing mother ever” comes over to play with my boys yesterday afternoon and comments: wow! Your house is very messy! I mention it to her mother (whose house is always immaculate) who gives me some well-meaning advice on how to kindly encourage my kids to pick up after themselves and have a tidy house.

Well, what’s wrong with that? I don’t know exactly but gee did it make me want a cigarette LOL! Before having children I was OCD about having a clean and tidy house. I just feel better when things are polished and orderly. I’m still obsessive about it but can’t seem to effectively manage both mothering and good housekeeping! I’ve spent years trying to keep on top of it, with varying success and I constantly ask myself why I can’t do this!

Recently I’ve tried to accept that life is messy and I have better things to do with my time than spend all day chasing my tail trying to keep things neat. But man this is something that I am having trouble letting go!

Anyway, I got over it and went to the cossie club to catch up with my new friends from group. Well, one lady works who in early childcare was telling a story about how she’s bringing one of her kids into line (“I run a tight ship” she says). After the messy house comment and due to the fact that I am always second-guessing myself and my parenting, I am slowly sinking lower and lower into my seat and left feeling very inept and craving a cigarette! My ship is constantly taking on water because I’ve run out of bungs to plug up the holes.

Ha! As if smoking is going to make me a better Mum! I seem to be surrounded by perfect people but really, I don’t know the private ins and outs of their lives and it’s quite feasible that these people are not actually perfect. Why strive to be like someone else when it’s much better to just let myself free to be me, visitors tripping over toys and all! Meh!

Smokefree days: 59 days
Grams NOT smoked: 590
Total savings: $840.00

PS Thanks guys for putting up with me and my silly rants, I’m sure you all have better things to read but I don’t have any friends to moan to and it’s so good to be able to ramble away and get it out! I am far too self-conscious to say this to anyone in “real life” but feel like I can just be me here ♥♥♥
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Feb 6 2015


Smokefree Days: 200
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 3000
Total Savings: $2790.00

When i first set off on this journey, i didn't dare look this far ahead. I struggled daily for a long time so it was definitely ODAAT. But i did love seeing the "oldies" post their stats. I found it very inspiring and it set in my mind that this COULD be done. If they could do it, so could i.After so many failed attempts over 45 years of smoking i had begun to think that there were people who would never be able to quit - and i was one of them. Seeing those a lot further down the track - each with their own story - made me realize that anyone can quit. Me included. When i first rang Quitline i told them "no, i won't be doing the blog thing" - but the lovely Glen said he'd send through details so if i changed my mind, i was good to go. Thank you Glen. A couple of days later i posted my first ever blog and was absolutely blown away by the support i recieved. I have been here ever since and it's made the world of difference. I set small, realistic and achievable goals to aim for. At the beginning it was to get through the first day, then 3 days, first week, double digits, 2 weeks etc. By doing that i felt i was getting somewhere even if it was so tough. It gave me focus and helped immensely. There were times i was sure i couldn't keep going - but i had made a pact with myself, that if i was at the point of caving in, i would either ring Quitline or blog first. I'm so pleased i stuck to that. The fabulous people here came to my aid EVERY time and i will always be so grateful to them. And here i am now at 200 days smokefree!

I absolutely love my smokefree life. I am in control now - not the addiction.I can do anything and everything i choose without being ruled by the need to have my nicotine fix. I have self respect now and i appreciate life and the everyday pleasures so much more. Life is very different when not lived through a haze of cigarette smoke. The air is fresher, the colours are brighter, the birdsong more beautiful. Every day i make the decision to remain smokefree, no matter what.
If you are just starting out on your smokefree journey and finding it tough going, i urge you to fight through those hard times with everything in you. Make use of every tool available to you : NRT, blogs etc and know that this special community right here will back you all the way. You do not have to do it alone. The smokefree prize is so worth the tough times you go through. It is worth fighting for no matter what.

Have a great smokefree day
Stay Quitsafe
Love & Hugs to all.
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Mar 13 2015

Hard Times - And Better

It's been a really rough couple of weeks for me...and it's not over yet. Some things i can control - some i can't. Not smoking is within my control. It's taken a few days of internal fighting and soul searching to decide whether or not to keep going on this journey, - and although there's a lot i don't know right now - i do know i really, really want to stay smokefree. My confidence has taken a huge hit over my slip up and i still feel a bit wobbly - but one day at a time i'm hoping to rebuild it. I WILL rebuild it.
Thank you so much for your unwavering support. You all need to know just how much of a difference it can make.
Sounds like some of us may be in for some rough weather in a couple of days - so batten down the hatches and stay safe.

Have a great smokefree weekend
Stay Quitsafe
Love & Hugs
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Apr 26 2012

Four Months

Yay - four months for me yesterday. Had my last smoke on Christmas Eve so it's easy to remember Christmas Day as my first smokefree day. Haven't had so much as a sneaky puff, I just can't do that and will never be able to. And it also means I can honestly say that I have not smoked at all this year and that is a huge motivator for me if I'm having a bad day - if I'm tempted I think I won't be able to say that anymore and I don't want to throw that away, so I keep going.

Thanks everyone for awesome support and to all the many newbies - hang in there, it took me heaps of goes before I finally got it - I slipped and slid a few times last year but each time I got a bit stronger until I finally got it.

Ady - I see your'e back Buddy - missed you Matey.
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Jul 12 2017

Stats Update 666 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 666 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 9990
Total savings: $11,100.00
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Apr 22 2014

Half a Century and Half a Kilo

Smokefree days: 50 days
Grams NOT smoked: 500
Total savings: $714.00

I am so proud of these stats, not one puff has passed these lips, but am still feeling very vulnerable, fifty days seems and feels like a long time but in terms of healing from addiction, I know it’s only early days. Though most of the time now everything hums along (at least in terms of not smoking lol), I still have the odd “would love a cig right now” pang, which I know is more out of habit and skewed thought processes. I know I would actually hate it and there’s no chance I would test that out.

The most dangerous and difficult cravings come in moments of tantrum (both my children’s and my own lol) and depression. But, I am working on it, and trying to practice better ways of managing these feelings. I am still trying to avoid taking anti-depressants and my doctor so far is happy with how I am coping. I am very aware that smoking will not help. It never really helped me in the past (smoking through my emotions did not make them go away) and I am so glad to be free of the feelings of failure, guilt and self-loathing that plagued me as a smoker!
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