Jul 2 2013

Stats Update 69 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 69 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1380
Total savings: $1,104.00

song and group (too easy mm...)

you need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin'
i'm gonna send ya back to schoolin'
way down inside, a-honey, you need it
i'm gonna give you my love
i'm gonna give you my love, oh

let me interrupt this with an important message...DAYAM 69 days yyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr giveitago you are smokefree and stylin...hey poppitt...congrats to us both ay!

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
...get it out with OPTREX...

loving my guitar atm

so keen to learn more blues though but also need to learn to do this in wee baby steps rather than humungus giveitago steps! it all comes in time...

i would love a steel guitar man the sound that comes out of that piece of brilliance is so nice

i can play before you accuse me now - not showing off or anything but i taught myself this and i reckon i sound pretty cool too haha...not too sure about what comes out of my mouth haha lol so i better stick to my day job and play the original music in the background as to shut me out haha lol

i think i'm losing my voice too - the rides to & from work become a muso seesion for me and i'm a totally different person - i sing at the top of my voice - i just love it!

come on...who out there sings in the car too...i don't give a s?!t either...i don't care if people can see me - at least i'm happy azz

well my day is looking quite boring today work wise so i reckon i'll be back on here later today to check out your entries
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Jan 14 2014

Feeling pretty hopeless

After such a good start to the day, this afternoon I lost the plot, all that rationale I was in touch with this morning went out the window and the inevitable meltdown occurred. I convinced my brother to buy me smokes (he is of the ‘go easy on yourself, you’ve got a lot to deal with’ view) but being a non-smoker he forgot to buy papers and filters! I found one of each and have had a smoke and feel like an absolute failure.

I am sure my friends here must be sick of seeing these blogs from me but I have no one else to turn to, you guys are all I have. I tried ringing my husband (my wails were met with silence), then Quitline, who recommended Lifeline, but due to uncontrollable sobbing I’m actually struggling to talk comprehensibly, so I apologised for wasting their time, said actually I don’t think they could help me and hung up!

Feeling despondent and alone and not knowing what else to do, I figured I can at least sit here and get it out in a blog because I can sit sobbing, gasping for air and anyone that has the fortitude to read this can at least still understand what I’m saying.

I don’t know exactly what I expect from anyone, no one can give me the answers I so desperately need but I just don’t know what to do anymore. I honestly feel as though I must be one of a handful of people that is quite simply incapable of quitting smoking. I am sure that from an outsider’s perspective, it would appear that I actually don’t want to quit smoking, but I really do, so WHY do I keep doing this?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me (and I am convinced there IS something wrong with me). I have a really good quit plan, motivating reasons to quit, some excellent strategies for not smoking, an INCREDIBLE support network here, WHY do I fail to put these tools to use EVERY TIME??? I feel like there’s no hope for me.

No doubt you’re thinking just throw the cigarettes out and carry on, but I just feel as though this is all hopeless, it will happen again because I am useless and I’m going to relapse anyway so what’s the point? Through all my attempts over the past six years and despite everything I have learnt about this addiction I have never been able to stay smokefree, even after several months of hard slog. (I know it’s likely someone is going to tell me off for calling myself things like failure and useless but that’s how I feel, honestly I just don’t deserve any sympathy).

Ha, now I’m lost for words? Everything inside my head is no negative anyway it’s probably a good thing that my brain seems to have shut down on me. Except why can’t it be the addicted part that goes to sleep instead of the sane section?

Sorry, I wish I was a big enough person to have spared you all from reading this absolute rot.
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Dec 23 2017

Merry Christmas


I haven't been here for a while as i've been dealing with some health issues....but i had to pop in and wish all my fellow quitters a safe, happy, smokefree Christmas.

To everyone experiencing their first smokefree Christmas - it is one you will always remember.
It can also be stressful at this time, for so many reasons, but lets all keep our eyes on the prize, and know that we have the power to remain smokefree. We are in control.

A special thank you to Lizzy, nanaturtle, Murphy and Kathry for all the hummmms and support. I so appreciate it.

So....... Have a wonderful smokefree Christmas everyone - and remember:

We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all.

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Dec 1 2014

Stats Update 365 days smokefree

Wow! One hole year smokefree. How's it done ..one day at a time with the mantra NOPE and let's not forget those 4D's .Along with the awesome support from all of you. My quit buddies, I thank you all for all of your support you have shown me along my journey so far, words can not show how much your encouragement and words of wisdom mean. All I can say is I no I couldn't have done it without you all...I no this because I tried so many other times to quit. Thank you ♥

To reach the top we need to keep putting one foot in front of the other ...and never give up no matter how many times it takes.

Keep rocking buddies ODAAT & NOPE IT can be done.

Thank you also to the Awesome team at quit line for this site and support. You guys rock!!

Have a super awesome day everyone. ⭐
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Jan 20 2012

Survivor - Tobacco

Auditions are now open for the new hit reality show - Survivor Tobacco - where you must Outwit, Outplay and Outlast all withdrawal symptons.

Who's in?
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Jul 21 2016


Smokefree Days: 730
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 14,600
Total Savings: $13,578.00

Oh my word. Miracles do happen - and sometimes they happen for me!
2 years ago my whole life revolved around smoking. Where i went, who i saw, and the things i did all depended on whether or not i could smoke. If i couldn't - or it would be too long between smokes.....i just didn't. Even just writing this makes me a little weepy. The fact that my addiction to nicotine stunted my life in so many ways. But that was then - this is now.
I am still a nicotine addict. Always will be - but now every day i am an addict choosing not to use.
My life now is totally different to my life as a smoker. I feel every day like a huge weight i'd been carrying around on my shoulders for 45 years has been lifted. I make the most of every opportunity that comes my way, i believe in myself more than i ever have, and the freedom and joy i feel being totally present in life is unbelievable.
Quitting was really tough for a long time. Sometimes i wanted to quit quitting - but those were the times i'd come here and let it all out. The wonderful people here would believe and encourage when i was all out of belief - and courage. I'll always be grateful for that support.
I urge any newbies to use this site often. It really can make a huge difference. And you too have something to offer others.
Very occasionally i still think a smoke would be good.Not a craving - just a thought - but i enjoy smokefreedom way too much to act on it. My life mantra now is "i'm an addict, but i'm choosing not to use".

Newbies.....i do know how rough it can be, but i urge you strongly to just keep fighting. Sometimes you may think you can't fight any more. That's not true. That is the addiction trying to weaken your resolve.
You CAN do this - and i promise you will be so amazed at the rewards you reap. I am so very proud of every single one of us on this journey.
You too will love being smokefree. It is absolutely worth fighting for!

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all xx
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Mar 5 2015

3 years smokeFREE

Still can’t quite believe it happened!!
I am also 7 weeks NRT free (I was addicted to lozenges – please don’t judge me!) I could never have quit smoking without NRT, however I didn’t realise how reliant I was to become on it. So I am now learning to live my life free from my little fixes of nicotine. I'm not through to the other side yet, but I'm almost there. The emotional and psychological aspect for me is a biggie.
Just keep on going, whatever stage of your quit you are at. It isn’t easy, nothing worthwhile doing ever is. But it is worth it!! These blogs are a special place to be part of. Keep up the support, remain non-critical and non-judgemental, and remember that sometimes you may not realise just how important a few words can mean to someone who is having a tough time.
There are many people here that I think of often, who hold a very special place in my heart. I will never forget what you have helped me to achieve – thank you xx

Smokefree days: 1095 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 16425
Total savings: $11,508.00
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Aug 26 2015

400 Days

Smokefree Days: 400
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 8000
Total Savings: $7440.00

Hi guys. It seems like ages since i posted a blog - and to be honest, i'm not sure i should be posting this one - but i will because i haven't been here supporting very much lately (sorry) and i want to explain.
As some of you know, like others on here, i have issues with bone and muscle pain. Usually i am able to get some relief with the meds, but every now and then they just don't cut it. I can cope for a while but then it just takes over. This is one of those times - and then with lack of sleep and all the other issues we all manage on a daily basis, life gets the better of me, and i have fallen into a big black hole of depression. I have felt it coming on and fought as well as i could, but it hasn't been enough. A lot of strategies i use to manage the depression - i just can't do at the moment. I've been pushing myself to do something that i normally would enjoy every day, but all i feel is overwhelming sadness and hopelessness. I have to keep doing it though because if i stop - i know that hole will be filled in and i won't get out. You'd think after this many years i'd get used to it - but i don't. Yes i have thought about smoking - but that's all it was - just a thought that i won't be acting on. It has never helped the pain or the depression before - and neither will it now - so no point is there?
Anyway, that's where i'm at and why i haven't been here. Life is really tough at the moment and sometimes when i've gone to post something - i realize i actually don't have anything to say. Who would have thought?

I see so many newbies have joined up. Good on you. Quitting is so worth the effort required in the early days.

You are all fabulous and strong
Stay quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all.
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May 2 2012

Hissy fits of a drama queen

What gets me is the damn stupid want for a cigarette. It seems I should have dealt with it instead of avoiding it as now it’s back and it won’t bloody leave me alone. I’ve hit a rough patch. The want is there, nearly all the time, sometimes just annoying other times damn near crippling. The conflict in my head - I'm sick of dealing with it! It makes me want to smoke even more, just to make it stop. Sobbing because I want a cigarette but I can’t have one. STUPID STUPID STUPID I don’t even really want one!!! Except I keep thinking just go and buy a packet. I need some reprieve. I know I know (*snapping*) the only way to get that is to keep going. Argh! I just don’t think I want to. It grates me that it won’t fix anything, but it will fix something, except it will also just add to the list. OMG the ramblings of an addict with little pluck left. I cannot let myself smoke I cannot let myself smoke I cannot let myself smoke I cannot let myself smoke I cannot let myself smoke I cannot let myself smoke
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Jun 11 2013

POPs was not happy But now is

This will be my last Blog.

I am withdrawing my support to this Site as my protest to Quitline removing the Blog that PSPSP posted on Sunday. There were very important issues raised in this Blog. It would have much more Democratic if Quitline had amended the Blog.

Good luck to everyone.

My final stats are 225 days Smokefree.


Update after QL rang me.

It's not very often that things upset me. But when they do, i make it a real mission.

QL rang me & explained in detail why the Blog was removed.

They have somewhat appeased me & you wonderful people have really moved me.

I will be back, but not until late next week. Have to go to Christchurch.

Pop's (Still 225 days Smoke free)
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