Hi everyone I am new and started my quit smoking today I have smoked most of my life so far I am doing o.k like anything it is going to be a challenge I am up for all the cravings for a smoke so far my husband has turned his back on me all because I have quit smoking my sister doesn't want anything to do with me because I quit so I have found out that they were just using me for smokes I don't need them I am quitting for me not them anyway I hope everyone is doing well on the quit journey and can share there experience with us and others.

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    Blondene said:
    22 May 2020

    Don't feel alone...you have support here...well done on quitting stay strong and blog if you need...hope today hasn't been too tough 😊

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    Ady said:
    22 May 2020

    Hello Angelic,
    Welcome to the Quit Blogs
    Regardless of who was using you for smokes, those days are gone now and improvements are on the way to you starting right now.

    There's one understanding that will determine how easy or hard this journey will be for ourselves and that is... Knowledge.
    The more you learn about quitting and follow what you learn, the easier it becomes.

    OK, some important info to help you on your journey & I'm sure that other members here will agree with me as we have all been there ourselves.

    If you haven’t already done so, Call Quitline on 0800 778-778 talk to them about a quit plan and a starter pack, there’s a quit plan here on this website but the starter pack has to be sent by them.

    Read through these blogs daily, it’ll help you learn about your quit and what works good that you could try. Clicking on their name will give you access to all that persons blogs.

    Getting and Giving support (comments) is far more powerful than most people care to believe, it triggers like a strengthening power inside yourself that helps in many ways.

    Remember the 4D's when you hit a hard spot.
    1: Drink water - sip, don't drown yourself
    2: Deep Breathe – Don’t hyperventilate.. lol
    3: Do something else - Do something to keep busy for 10min, anything, just do something.
    4: Delay - make that thought wait, refrain from smoking by making that thought to smoke wait for at least 10min then you can do what you want.

    Those 4D's will save you many times, the biggest one that worked for me is
    #3: Do Something... for 10min

    Clean your house of all smoking paraphernalia, no ashtrays, no butts, no lighters etc, so you don’t tease yourself later.

    There’s far too much to tell you in one sitting so.. Welcome, make yourself at home, you're gonna spend a bit of time here once you start as the first week is the hardest & you’re not alone.
    It takes 72hrs to rid of Nicotine and the habit will test you.

    Good luck

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    Mumof4 said:
    22 May 2020

    Well done for making the decision to quit and it’s best not to be around smokers anyway
    You can do this

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    Dave said:
    24 May 2020

    Hi Angelic. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on making the effort to give up smoking and secondly - you’re not alone on your journey. We all have started somewhere and undoubtedly have experienced similar, or been in, situations you’ve just experienced so keep up the great work and keep doing you! 👍🏼