Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. Hope everyone is doing well in their quit journey's. I am still going strong and smoke free. In fact I don't think about smoking at all. Such a great feeling.

I have just popped in to check on everyone.

For those who are just starting on your quit journey, stay strong, it'll get worse before it gets better but you can do it, I was what you would call a 'chain smoker' and I woke up one day and decided enough was enough, I went cold turkey and here I am nearly 6 years later. I feel great now but I know how tough it was to quit.

Remember, one day at a time and not one puff ever.

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    Blondene said:
    22 May 2020

    Amazing Korey...well done on such amazing stats!

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    Ladylene said:
    25 May 2020

    Hi Korey. Good to see you are still smoke-free. Well done you. Its day 2,204 for me today. Who would have thought we would still be smoke free 6 years later hey.

    Like you I never think about it either. There are some really solid quitters in here at the moment too who are doing really well. Its encouraging to see.


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    nanaturtle said:
    26 May 2020

    Congratulations Korey 👍
    Our smoking lives feel like a hundred years ago!!
    Was that really us?
    So glad it's now memories & nothing else
    Great work
    ODAAT 🙂