So today I decided I am going to quit smoking... starting tomorrow! I am financially not in a place where I can afford to be smoking and have been increasing my running, so why not help my body out and quit! Any advice and tips would be much appreciated :)

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    clarence the cat said:
    21 May 2020

    Hello Chubbymonkey. Welcome to the group.
    So glad you're going to become SMOKEFREE.
    A couple of tips that might help:
    Read some of the blogs from other members.
    Follow the 4 D's listed below
    1. Drink (water)
    2. Do something else, Distract yourself away from smoking.
    3. Delay the urge to smoke.
    4. Deep breathe.

    You might struggle at first, but keep your focus on your SMOKEFREE goal and you will make.
    ODAAT (One Day At A Time)
    NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)
    Good Luck

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    Blondene said:
    21 May 2020

    How's your quit going?...Stay strong!

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    Ladylene said:
    25 May 2020

    I hope you are going OK Chubbymonkey. Let us know how you are doing. If you fell off the wagon .. don't worry. We don't judge in here. Just jump back on again. Thats how you beat this addiction. You just keep doing it until you hit your sticky quit :)