Sorry if this is too much but Is it normal to get a cough and wake up with a slight build up of mucous after youve quit?
I had a bit of an irritated throat prior to quitting but now its just got worse. After a cough in the morning its good though

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    Blondene said:
    21 March 2020

    I remember having phlegm for quite awhile after does settle down and I also ended up with the quitters flu in the early weeks of my quit...sore throat etc it's all normal in the early stages 😊

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    JulieB said:
    21 March 2020

    All pretty normal. Takes awhile for your body to get rid of all those toxins. See your doctor if you think it isn't getting better. They are a lot more supportive of people giving up than they used to be. It will put your mind at rest if nothing else.

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    Ady said:
    22 March 2020

    Hiya Done4
    Yes, to develop a cough after quitting is normal, so is coughing up yucky phlegm
    spit that gunk out, it's horrible i know, but its also nothing in comparison to what you'll go through if you keep smoking.
    When you can, (alone) make yourself cough or breathe out really hard, bring up that phlegm and spit it out, thats your body trying to rid of gunk it doesn't need.
    Don't over-do it if you have a sore throat, maybe buy 'Throaties' from supermarket if theres any left after idiot panic shoppers.

    There are quite a few symptoms from quitting that our bodies can develop which will vary between people, we don't all get the exact same thing, some get headaches, some don't, some get a cough, others don't.

    You are doing great, your body is starting to clean up on the inside now and that is what you want, these are signs of recovery.
    The 1st week is the hardest and then slowly it gets easier, very slowly but is noticeable after week 2.
    If you don't like the withdrawals and the early days of quitting then
    'Never Take Another Puff' and you'll never have to do this again.
    Sounds harsh but it's true.
    You're doing great Done4, you keep that up, you're now starting to win, win your life back by being in control.
    Give yourself that payrise by not buying smokes, Gift yourself 10yrs of life by not smoking.
    Way to go Done4, you really are on the Quit Train, take a seat, put your feet up... we're going places...


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    Done4good said:
    22 March 2020

    Thankyou everyone :)

    The coughing is getting a bit more frequent but the morning one is always the worst and it hurts!

    Heres hoping itll ease off and my throat will start to feel better. Just feels really rough and when i talk i sound like a pack a day smoker Haha

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    clarence the cat said:
    22 March 2020

    Quite usual for some to cough up a lot of stuff, at the beginning of a quit.
    Hopefully it will settle down soon. Remember though, if it really concerns you see your GP just to be sure there's no other cause.
    Keep up the good work