The blogs are in a sad state of affairs and it seems to me Ady and Pspsps advice has gone to quickly reilliterate in order to GAIN support you need to GIVE support...

You may wonder why the old bloggers get so much support on here...exactly that they have been around for a long time giving support and gaining supporters over the YEARS they have been here..
And I think they are well deserved in taking a break it's up to you newbies...

It will take more than one person to support on will take a bunch of you guys to pitch in...

Lastly I am enjoying my SMOKEFREE free break from the blogs despite being amongst the Covid 19 apocalypse as it seems things could get alot worse before they get better

Happy supporting on here😊

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    PokuruGirl said:
    19 March 2020

    Hey BD. Yes it’s sad that what was once so vibrant seems to have died a death (weird expression in these strange times) but it is now up to the newcomers to make this site something they want to visit. With this virus seeming to send the world crazy, perhaps not smoking isn’t a priority. For me and PSPSP we are just so glad to be smokefree and clear of lungs. Trust you and son and partner are fit and well (and well stocked up with loo paper, bread and paracetamol!!

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    Ady said:
    19 March 2020

    Hi Blondene
    Yes I agree with what you say totally.
    Have been busy on my book like i said and progressing along nicely, double checking my facts and doing research as i move through the pages etc.
    I have emailed Quitline asking them if they would like a experienced moderator/Administrator to help in these blogs, remuneration required.
    Lets see if and what they respond with.
    Im quite sure that quitline staff are flatout helping with the Covid19 virus issues hence no moderating in here which simply means one thing, they need more staff.
    Tell them to hire me will you. 😁

    Isn't it wonderful how after learning what is required to make a successful quit that we know, and that we all talk of the same thing, the same methods, the same understanding albeit in our own words which can look different but yet I know its aimed for the same target.
    And that is how all of us experienced members agree with each other on a regular even daily basis, i guess we're experts after thousands of days of being here. hahahaha

    Yes people, start commenting on each others blogs, give praise, positive support, helpful tips or just simple positive aknowledgement.
    Get it going,.. chop chop. LOL

    Seriously folks, you need to start helping each other by giving supportive comments, otherwise whats the point of being a selfish blogger, no one will comment on your own blogs.
    Good luck ppl 👍

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    PSPSP said:
    19 March 2020

    PG and Ady have said it all. There are a few new bloggers on this site but they seem incapable of commenting on other people's blogs.

    It puzzles me-someone can take the time to write a blog (with the unwritten expectation that they will get supportive comments), yet those same bloggers cannot take the time to write a comment.

    I give up-not really. This site is important to me. It helped me and PG in immeasurable ways. It was vibrant and fun. I do not think it overstates things to say, that without this site, and the support we got from it, our quit may have failed.

    There are some older bloggers who might have to take some responsibility as well. There was a concerted effort by a couple to entice bloggers to other social media platforms. I didn't like it then-I do not like it now. However the baton has to be passed to new quitters.

    I can only re-iterate what has been said before to them-use this site. Comment and have fun. Once you get the momentum going I can assure you, the benefits will be huge.

    Finally a couple of comments:

    Blondene-you are a constant on this site and your contribution to it cannot be under-estimated. I could wax lyrical but that is not my style. Instead I will say a simple and heartfelt thank you.

    Ady-you go for it. I vote Ady as moderator. It could be quite a ride.

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    clarence the cat said:
    19 March 2020

    I 'm so pleased that others noticed what I have been feeling for some time now.
    The regular supporters here seem to be natural leaders and devoted to their task of becoming SMOKEFREE while supporting others along the way.
    I would have expected that once they had achieved their goal, there would be others to accept their mantel and continue the good work. This I feel is the spirit of Quitline.
    Somehow it has been lost.
    I wish you luck with your offer to Quitline Ady. You are willing and more than able to bring this lovely creature back to life.
    I am still keen to support anyone who need its, but there is just no feed back from the new quitters. Maybe it's shyness.
    Come on people.

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    clarence the cat said:
    19 March 2020

    Well said Blondene.
    Enjoy your break and stay away from COVID-19

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    nanaturtle said:
    20 March 2020

    Gen Y?
    Instant gratification,
    I am the centre of my entire universe,
    Who did You say You are, again?

    Getting too long in the tooth, to pander to this mob....
    Maybe, one day (hopefully not too late) something will switch Their lights on!!

    And, Life is too short....

    Stay Strong, Quitting cigs is Pro Life 👍