Hmm well I woke up this morning in hospital , not from smoking but for something totally different , anyways ‘ I woke up feeling like I just wanna smoke & for some reason while having the disparate thoughts of wanting a smoke I kinda spoke to myself like “ daym girl you wake up everyday for the past 12years & the first thing you think of is a cigarette & when you go bed every night the last thing you do is smoke a cigarette & debate to have another one 10mins after” admitting after reading my thoughts out loud I know I have a problem and let’s not forget the fact that Im making myself broke buying smokes the amount of times I do in a week zZzz ... I NEED HELP TO QUIT .

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    nanaturtle said:
    20 March 2020

    Good for You!!
    You cannot help but benefit👍
    Stay Strong 🙂

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    Blondene said:
    20 March 2020

    Sorry to hear you've been can break free...focus on each day at a by NOPE ...Not One Puff EVER and you won't fail!😊💯

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    Nancy said:
    21 March 2020

    Go hard! Pick up a positive habit, just one.....I.e. going for a 20min walk everyday. This will cause a ripple effect and soon you'll realise that smoking is a thing of the past and you are such a good role model. I've learnt to treat myself, but have been thinking of too many things to do with the money I've saved like..... getting my car polished and the wheels painted gloss black or my favourites takeaways once a week 😊😁 I need to not get carried away. At least I'm not smoking soo good for the wallet and complexion 😅 hang in there NOPE