One month! My mind is focused there's no going back.
I'm feeling really good and not tired every day like before.
I am still vaping and sucking on lozenges. I've tried 0% vape but it maybe a bit soon. I'm a bit concerned I maybe vaping too much and I must have it everywhere with me like ciggs. I guess my next step is to slow right down on vaping. I've been concerned I'll lose it as I deal with the public. Over all though very proud of myself and have all this extra cash which I'm spending on treats like new clothes.
I'm feeling very positive and a lot happier about myself.
Be strong peeps it a mental game, retrain the brain....Have an awesome day ❤✌

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    Blondene said:
    20 March 2020

    Congrats on one month will eventually get sick of vaping I know I did and then quit for good...any products that contain nicotine will create an addiction that's the nature of nicotine....the only way to end the cycle is to stop the use of the will be one hundred percent free...believe that you can and you WILL 😊👌💯