I just read Ady's blog and endorse it 100%. I would say 110% but in the context of this blog that is not possible. 100% will do.

Here's the thing-we have some amazing supporters on this site. Blondene, NanaTurtle, Ady, Clarence to name but a few.

Blondene is an example. She supported everyone. Yet when she posted her blog to pass the baton, not one of the "newbies" said thank you. NanaT is another-a supporter par excellence. On her latest blog not one newbie commented (I was there in spirit NanaT-apologies for the belated shout out).

We tried-we really did. But, apart from old quitters (by old I mean duration not age-although for me...probably both apply) there was virtually nothing from younger quitters.

So follow Ady's exhortation (synonyms-suggestion, urging, direction, expostulation etc etc) and start commenting. He is right. We all have to continue to comment to make this site alive again.

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    Ady said:
    12 March 2020

    Thank you PSPSP
    It's always a pleasure to hear from you, PG, Blondene, CTC, Nanaturtle, Nana, or any of the other 99 successful longtime bloggers, I lost count on how many of us there were but i know you got a tally of us and i also believe we made a record here on QuitBlogs for the most blogs and comments for 1 day. it was a BIG list i know that, and i think it was you guys that put all the effort into that task.. Brilliant.
    Thank you so much for your ideas, participating and being there with us, we sure had the Best support team in the world, we helped so many people along with ourselves.
    Loved it. 👍

    Sometimes I miss the interaction we had going here, it was so alive, new info and ideas being looked into on a regular basis, constant feedback from the newbies, all the jokes we had running, the imaginary Quit Train I used to run, The joy members got when i'd send them a printable certificate of achievement at milestones, I think it was Ralph who used to write stories, etc... There was so much going on here that most of us made it a homepage for the duration of our quit.
    Now I know it wasn't quite full on when i joined in 2010 but with the help of many members like yourself we made it a hive, we made it so interesting that we practically lived here in our spare time and many topics were blogged not just smoking, it was AWESOME.

    Cheers mate and thank you for your support. 😊👍

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    Blondene said:
    12 March 2020

    Thanks Pspsp it has been a pathetic response from the newbies I am disappointed...and it's also pathetic for the other deserving bloggers Nanaturtle and Clarence Ady and you guys as PG said it's a one way street and to think I used to feel so guilty seeing 0 comments on the blogs...just a quick comment for now I have to be at school for a beach trip your gratification is appreciated greatly 😊💯

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    clarence the cat said:
    15 March 2020

    It is sad that the old enthusiasm and zest for the job in hand seems to have disappeared.
    I must admit, I have kept away from Quitline for days on end, because I knew that apart from the " Nanas" and Blondene and recently Ady there are very few comments or words of encouragement. I used to try to comment on every one's blog, (just to let them know there was someone out there who cared) but I have decided to back off. I felt I was wasting my time.
    I still pop in and read the blogs and comment, especially if I see a familiar name or an achievement being celebrated.
    I think the realisation that quitting is an on going occupation hasn't got through. It's as though one expects to say "I am quitting" and it magically happens.
    So good to hear from you PSPSP. I trust you are well and still loving your SMOKEFREE life.