Hello Everyone.
I'm writing this post to inform you all of a Very Important point.
This support via blogging means not only writting your own post detailing your own struggles but most importantly...
It means Giving support to all the others blogging post too.
If you don't support others with your heart felt support, then don't expect others to reciprocate the same support & friendship that you're looking for.

I'm 9yrs smokefree now and this site used to be buzzing alive 24/7
I look here today and its almost dead.. I can tell you all now, Giving support is far more rewarding, self strengthening and power building in Your Own Quit than anyone here cares to realise.
Here's the proof, read thru your comments, notice how its always the same few people doing this & that they're successful long time quitters.. YEAH..
They've been trying to teach you all HOW to do this with ease and the answer is...
Start blogging, not just about yourself but SUPPORT everyone else here, keep it positive, caring & what works for you.
Everything else will fall into place, watch & see how the number of supporters change from 2 or 3 to 10 in just a matter of weeks.
Its up to you people to make this your sanctuary, your place of help, support, ideas and yes.. even offline friendships are made here too.

Changes are coming cos I'm working on them but don't wait for me, make this place what you want it to be, be that leader, be that winner, challenge yourself to take over your life of smoking, be the success that you so desire.
Tell others how well they're doing, how you got thru a hard day, welcome the newbies, remind others about the 4D's, make this your 2nd home.
At present the comments and action is zero, dead, if you want to feel good about this & get lots of positive support in your quit you will need to make some changes, starting right now.
Ready... GO ✔ 👍 😊

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    Blondene said:
    12 March 2020

    I can't stress what Ady has so nicely said...too often bloggers are all for support and not interested in giving support back..I come from the era where this site used to be a hive of social interaction...now it looks like a ghost town...why not stop by others and give a comment or two it really will strengthen your resolve and lead to positive commandry...I have done the best that I can but theirs no way I can continue thru this no man's land being the only supporter most days...it's not my job and it's not fair on me anymore it's really up to YOU bloggers to give back...it's up to you!

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    Blondene said:
    12 March 2020

    ..and if you don't start supporting you really will be blogging to no one!

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    PokuruGirl said:
    12 March 2020

    Thanks Ady. You are 100% spot on. PSPSP and I did try, as did many old timers but it felt like such a one way street, we grew despondent and eventually just stopped both giving support and blogging. A real shame as this site was so instrumental in us both being able to quit. We’ll be 8 years smoke free in July and couldn’t have done it without this site and all of the support and camaraderie it gave us. Looking forward to seeing what your next “trick” is!!

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    Ady said:
    12 March 2020

    Thanx guys..
    I'd like to see this place come alive again which will require all the new members to start participating, becoming an internet family that are interested in one thing only... helping others to help themselves succeed.
    I know how Blondene feels, it's a lot of work on your own, I could make it a full-time job and build it back up again, Ive even asked quitline if they'd pay me to do this (cos I know I'm good at it, lol) Yeahh, I guess No response means No.
    Must be time for me to contact them in writing with my thoughts, see what response i get huh.
    Given half the chance I'd take over this blog site and make it what it used to be again, I'd give smokers a reason & desire to Want to join that they'd be queueing up, I'd make this place famous.. again. Hahahaha

    Anyway, I'm still working on my book, still have my mind in helping others but its my way now and when my book is finished I can publish it worldwide to help.. Tens of thousands of people, it gives them another option to help them.
    Thank you to all my lovely quitting friends here, I haven't met you in person yet your friendship is greatly appreciated.
    Cheers. 🍷 🍺 👍

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    Blondene said:
    13 March 2020

    Ady I agree you could build it up BUT you've said yourself this site lacks participation and needs far more than a one man band supporting...it requires team work which leads to friendship on the blogs...I have always wondered where all the bloggers went this was the place to be...now not even Quitline is supporting...it's their job to have support on here do they care ? That these blogs are going unanswered?..My mind is boggled at all the mystery that surrounds these blogs maybe there is just a voyeuristic tendancy with these bloggers too...we will never know...for now I'm off the sinking ship...it's just a real shame😢

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    clarence the cat said:
    15 March 2020

    As usual Ady. Spot on!
    You have put into words what I have been feeling for a long time now.
    It is so good to have you back.

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    Ladylene said:
    07 April 2020

    Agreed! I used to comment on almost every single post for the first two years to encourage people. You get what you give. When you fully support people you grow to know them over time and build firm friendships. This place used to be amazing. You would post a struggle land 20 or 30 people would be right there to comment and support you. Like Blondene I quite the blogs a couple of years back because I too felt I was the only one supporting. It can be very frustrating indeed.

    I am now almost 6 years smoke free and there is no way I could have done it without the Quit blog support I received. I would love to see everyone in there receive that same support.