Hi all! I’ve finally decided (and actively trying) to quit smoking. Im wearing patches which are really helping!

I must say that im finding today ultra hard! I dont feel like socialising or being around people (avoiding triggers) and my mood is so foul. I still dont want a cigarette though because i cant let 2 days go to waste!

Im avoiding a family gathering tonight because im serious about quitting and avoiding temptation.

Please tell me it gets easier! Please tell me its worth it!

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    nanaturtle said:
    07 March 2020

    You're doing EXACTLY as You need to, ineedtoquit!
    If it's difficult, share with the family, what You're doing...ask them to support You by being understanding. And then You get Selfish!
    I can assure You-it does get easier &
    big AND... it IS worth it!
    And so are You
    This will quite possibly be, the single biggest thing You've ever done for Yourself... I know it was for me.
    Your current mood will shift...soon.
    Did You know that after 3 days of not smoking, there will be Zero nicotine in Your body?!
    I still find that remarkable!!
    You hang in there
    These hard yards don't last forever, but a successful Quit does ODAAT 👍👍
    Stay Strong 🙂

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    nanaturtle said:
    07 March 2020

    Grab a sipper bottle and go pound the pavement-You can do this
    Stay Strong 🙂