I gave up a year ago but it only lasted 4 months and I started smoking again. I have now been diagnosed with COPD so I really need to be serious in quitting. My life actually depends on it. Today is first day.

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    Pacific Kotiro said:
    30 June 2020

    Kia ora Jean, I too had a life altering health issue that made me decide 'enough is enough'. Think about your health and you will cross those milestones in record timing. You can do it!!!

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    Quitline Admin said:
    01 July 2020

    Welcome back Jean. You were quit before for four months and you can use what worked for you to be quit during that time and put it towards this sticky quit.

    If you need support please reach out - to Quitline, to the bloggers here, to local stop smoking services and those around you.

    You've got this!

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    Ladylene said:
    01 July 2020

    Welcome back Jean .. you have proven you can do it once and you can do it again! It was lung issues that finally pushed me into giving up too. It can work in your favour having such a great motivation. I am now 6 years smoke free and my lungs are loads better!

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    Jean said:
    03 July 2020

    Thank you :) day 3 over and done. Finding it hard and coughing like a old sailor. Hopefully things change