Started smoking at 13, almost two decades of a pointless, filthy, money pit of a habit. Really noticed the effects as of late, singing used to be effortless and now I struggle to stay in key. I was asked to sing my brother and fiancee down the aisle, so I'm going to use this an added incentive to finally quit! Looking forward to being Auahi kore. Really appreciate your tautoko.

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    Blondene said:
    30 January 2020

    What a lovely talent to have a beautiful singing voice...quitting smoking will definitely enhance your vocal chords...keep your eye on the prize...💪here to support😊

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    clarence the cat said:
    30 January 2020

    The best reason to quit. Losing the ability to sing is sad, believe me.
    You have an assett. Look after it by becoming SMOKEFREE. You wont regret your decision.
    Stay focused on singing those two down the aisle and give it your very best shot.

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    Ady said:
    31 January 2020

    Hi Pidsirc
    Welcome to the quit blogs.
    Best decision you'll make for 2020, you won't believe that untill December 31st but you will.. lol
    Quitting for better health and singing ability.. you could'nt go wrong, there are so many rewards waiting for you that it so worth quitting.
    Grab yourself a water bottle to sip on daily, you're gonna need it.. water water water, it'll help flush toxins out, soften your skin and alleviate cravings.
    Call quitline on 0800 778-778 and chat with them, order a quit pack to help you too.
    Stick around, you'll learn lots about quitting, and obtain support in the process.
    What works great, really great is: ... Blogging
    Write a blog every week or whenever you struggle, have questions etc, giving and getting support has a power inside that helps keep you on track.. Welcome aboard.
    Cheers 🍺