Hi all, here I am again trying to quit AGAIN. I am determined this time as I am pregnant (early stages) with my second child and I feel so guilty every time I light a cigarette! I know it’s wrong, and it’s harmful, and I feel very selfish but I am finding it hard to quit. I smoked with my first pregnancy but cut down, and still I feel bad for that. I don’t want to be the mother of 2 who is a smoker and my kids will be watching me. No judgement please. I’d appreciate words of motivation! Also I’m scared of going back to smoking once baby is born (due to stress of 2 kids) and I really really hope I am strong enough for the sake of my children to not let smoking over take me! Thank you.

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    Blondene said:
    27 January 2020

    Hi..I have no judgement towards you...when I fell pregnant that was when I felt I needed to stop smoking and take my quitting seriously...granted it wasn't easy I had days where I smoked and felt the guilt that I might be damaging my unborn son..I also had days where I was smokefree and was basically too sick to smoke...you just have to keep at quitting...each day you don't smoke is a blessing..use all the tools offered to you like Patches lozenges or gum along with practising the 4Ds...keep trying...don't give up...children really are the best motivators to keep you SMOKEFREE...lean on this blog site we will support you...💪😊you're in the right place!..You can do this😊

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    clarence the cat said:
    27 January 2020

    I feel for you. It is hard, especially when you're coping with feeling "seedy" if not actually having Morning Sickness, and a little toddler in tow already. You want the best for everyone, but some days you feel that if it wasn't for the smokes you couldn't hold it all together, while feeling so dreadfully guilty about your habit as well. All these feelings rushing around in your head only make you feel worse. My heart goes out to you.

    Quitting is a purely personal affair and how you achieve it is over to you.
    Cut down as much as you can daily and see how you progress. You may be able to quit doing it that way. Once you take charge of how often you have a smoke, you will feel more confident Get yourself some Gum, or Lozenges to help you on your way.

    I hope someone else can offer some practical tips for you.
    In the meantime, relax, enjoy your pregnancy and keep your SMOKEFREE goal in front of you.

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    Ady said:
    28 January 2020

    Hi, I understand the pressures of your position, wanting to quit is a great thing, quitting for a pregnancy is even better, quitting while pregnant can put a lot of stress on you & baby.
    I know cos my ex went thru the same thing.
    If you can cut down lots then thats a move towards better, if you can stop without too much stress then Great..
    However.. don't let it pressure you too much as that can also apply stress onto your unborn.
    By all means give this your best shot, use patches, the 4 D's and support from here to guide you, Quitline is also available to call on the 0800 778-778 they too will support you.
    Smoking while pregnant may not be the best course but having said that we also know that millions of other people also smoked thru their pregancy and eveything turned out just fine, my 2 daughters are evidence of this so don't panic.
    Just do what you can do without going crazy, popping a vein or killing your hubby. lol

    Every step you take towards quitting is a step forward in the right direction and every cigarette you don't smoke is a cigarette you and baby are breaking free from the addiction, so lift your head, make your plan on quitting tobacco and tell yourself that you can do this, you Want to do this and you're starting right now.
    Start by calling quitline today on 0800 778-778, make a plan with them, they'll guide you and make you feel good about it.
    As soon as you do, you'll feel feel so much better.
    Good on you for wanting to do better for yourself.
    Cheers ✔🍷🍷

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    Kasey said:
    13 February 2020

    I now what you are going though. I went though it myself. Ended up quitting half way though. Then started up after my daughter was born then quit again when she was about 4 months old.

    Its hard yes but so worth it