I feel like I have tried to quit many times but it is getting to the point where I can't do anything with my kids anymore. I tried keeping up with them over the holidays and after only about 1 minute of doing little exercise I was exhausted. Also the price going up again was another incentive. I need to find someone who is also quitting to help me out, most of my friends still smoke so I can't look to them for support.

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    Anon said:
    07 January 2020

    I am quitting now I am on day 6 :D

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    Livi said:
    07 January 2020

    I know how u feel . I've been unwell lately havant been able to go anywhere cause I've been feeling to tired . My partner smokes so its quite hard to quit

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    clarence the cat said:
    09 January 2020

    By blogging here you have earned yourself many supportive friends. Not everyone blogs, but there are many out there just like yourself who want to quit but feel the challenge is too big.
    The fear of failure is hard to face.
    I found it easier not to tell my friends and family that I was embarking on a quit journey. I just went ahead quietly and no one noticed for
    quite a while that I was no longer a smoker.
    The advantages are so great. More money, better health, no more smelly clothes etc.
    I will support you.

    Make a plan and go for it.

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    Shaunie said:
    09 January 2020

    I'm quitting I'm on day 1 and totally get what u mean even I was struggling to keep up with my kids these holidays just take it hour by hour