Hello all, 2020 it is now and I have been a member since 2010.
Sadly I've come back for a new quit attempt. I have spent most of my time away being smoke free but do relapse and these can last a few months.
I have tried everything from champix and zyban to NRT patches and lozenges, Ive been double patched and been successful at times.
I was very wary of vapes in the beginning and out of desperation I went in to a vape shop for advice about the product and walked out with one. I quit smoking that night.
It was the most pleasurable way I have ever succeeded and I am attempting to do it this way again.
Unsure why I went back to smoking but I guess there is no point in trying to figure it out right away, all I know is that I want to give up for good. All the reasons and recognising trigger's can come later.
So hello, I am going to be back on the quit blog as I feel I could find it useful and I may even be able to help someone else.

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    Blondene said:
    28 February 2020

    Hi Titoki welcome back...for me when I have relapsed I always have convinced myself that taking a smoke was the right thing to do and I could quit whenever I wanted...a really false sense of thinking enters my mind and as we all know it's not always that easy to quit...with this in mind you are doing the right thing by quitting again no matter what challenges you will face as long as you continue to tell yourself smoking is NOT an option no matter what...I'm happy to hear that you have found vaping to be a helpful tool and their is nothing wrong with using the vape I did as well and you know once you are strong enough you can definitely quit vaping...also.. when we are doing the right things and in the right mindset we can achieve ANYTHING we put our minds to...so losing weight is not going to be a problem...remember it's like quitting..putting a plan in place starting to be mindful of the food we are eating and adding in some exercise every day then before you know it the kilos will melt away...remember to believe in yourself...be kind to yourself and you will go far...well done for refusing to give up on your goals!..Here to support and looking forward to following your journey 😊👍💯

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    nanaturtle said:
    28 February 2020

    You're most Welcome to rejoin us Titoki 👍 and PLEASE offer Your support & maybe advice...
    Your past journey is more valuable than You know
    4 D's
    Stay Strong 🙂🌟

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    nanaturtle said:
    01 March 2020

    How goes it, titoki? Hairy weekend!
    Stick at it, the Quit IS worth these hard yards 👍
    Kia Kaha 🙂

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    clarence the cat said:
    02 March 2020

    Welcome back Titoki
    Those lapses where we think we can handle a smoke or two are so common amongst us. You can beat the Nicodemon again. Nothing to lose (except a horrible habit) but so much to gain.
    Glad to read you opinion on vaping too.
    I am sure it helps a lot of people.
    Your hindsight and knowledge will be invaluable to others here too.