this last week hasn't gone so well. my husband is very supportive but he also smokes which is hard in the evenings because I know he has them and end up smoking some of his. brought my own packet tried hiding them to have 1 now and then but he found them and took them off me so that was a waste of money. the lozenges taste gross but I think they do help alittle bit. the hardest times are in the evening winding down from the day I feel like a smoke and my breaks at work. I get headaches and cant sleep at night if I haven't had a smoke all day. it is hard. but I have to start again. I spend all my money for smokes on a trampoline for the kids that that should give me a incentive to not smoke and because I cant afford it.

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    Blondene said:
    20 February 2020

    Hi Tam just keep on going don't let the addiction do the talking...let hubby stop enabling you to smoke by refusing to give you one no matter what...if you have heaps of restlessness in the evenings look at ways you can relax like taking a hot bath...herbal teas..reading or watching some of your favourite does feel weird at first but with time being smokefree quickly becomes the new normal...the lozenges do have a weird sensation but they do help so preservere with them..and well done getting thru your first day!😊👍

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    Ady said:
    21 February 2020

    Hi Tam
    If you fall off your bike. Just get back on and ride again.
    If you fall over, pick yourself up and keep walking.
    It's just a slip, you'll be fine, we all do it.

    You are actually winning.
    You are actually doing this so hold your head up high, you don't have to be perfect.
    Well done for being honest with yourself, you keep going Tam.
    Don't let anything stop you.
    Keep trying, you'll get stronger everytime you get up and try again.
    10 points to you 👍