If you love the way you smoke, rotting your breath and feeling unsatisfied...

Today is the life hack to cigarettes, Every time you think of smoking, Just fill your mouth up with toothpaste or maybe you can brush your teeth.

So you now know. Toothpaste or mouthwash every hour. on the clock.

Step 2 i want you to seek yourself properly in the mirror and know that if you were a Marine, or a Doctor It would not be hard to find your self worth. So say to yourself "I am a beautiful soul ready to change the world"... Then Mouthwash, and for the rest of that hour until the next just write or Jot down how you plan to spend or save your Net Worth.

quit for the future... stuff lying in a hospital bed with clogged lungs ready to die to end up in a casket of nightmares?. 4real 4real...

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