Well I gave up smoking for 4yrs, after having been a smoker for 24yrs, then I stumbled this xmas and thought I could just have 1pack and I'd quit again...3months later and Im still smoking. Time to quit.

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    Blondene said:
    17 February 2020

    Hi diasie...I think the most important lesson here is how easy it is to go back to being a smoker and how important the Not One Puff Rule really is...try not to beat yourself up too much and those years definitely were not wasted they all count...get back up onto the quit train.. 😊

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    nanaturtle said:
    18 February 2020

    Oh dear 😧
    There's only 1 thing for it
    Back on the Quit Train 👍
    You can do this Daisie &
    Stay Strong 🙂

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    Ady said:
    18 February 2020

    Heya Daisie
    What happened.. you missed us all here so took up smoking just so you could be with us again.. AAaaawwwwwww So cute. lol
    Never mind, you caught it soon enough, you've learnt and you want changes, obviously you know which is a better life and which you prefer so .. Welcome to the quit blogs (Again) Daisie. lol
    Oh I'm just a smart alec today aren't I. (sorry)

    Glad you joined us again, we like having friends here.
    Sing out if you're struggling.