Hi Quitline whanau keep up the good work we are never failing if we keep trying no matter what. Yes 46 days smoke free I keep thinking yeah not long though and I'll give in somewhere and have a smoke especially when life stresses kick in. I slipped up on another bad habit I am wanting to stop this weekend but I am aware a set back can simply be that and I just need to get back on the waka of being mindful and in control. I also have to remember to pat myself on the back, dealing with addiction/s can be very hard but with a positive and we'll informed mind I will be free of these bad things. Well-done everyone for still trying and being smokefree, Don't be hard on yourself if you slip up all good, keep getting up each day and staying positive. Have a cool smokefree day. You know the one thing inside my mind that I smile about now.... is getting up close with people to talk or read something, I don't stink anymore or have to cover my mouth so they don't smell cigarette 👍😁

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    clarence the cat said:
    16 February 2020

    Awesome progress Nancy.
    Remember to reward yourself for good progress.

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    Ady said:
    18 February 2020

    Well done on day 46 Nancy
    Thats Fab,
    I know Im not always on here now but regardless, just keep on going, you're doing this for You not anyone else.
    One thing at a time, one addiction at a time and you'll win.
    I can see the required picture in your blog, you have what it takes to do this, for you have thought about this many times.
    You're on the right track .. The Quit Train that is.
    Good on you.