Im trying to incorporate exercise into my routine to help me into positive change. I signed up at the the gym, only one with a creche except they open the creche door to let air in, which opens up into the main gym area. She sees me, starts screaming and then my exercise is over. I tried doing workouts at home, very difficult with a little one always trying to climb on me. So i wait for her to sleep, problem is she doesnt sleep every day. No baby sitters avaliable in my family cos my daughter is to active and they cant keep up with her. Childcare is way too expensive. And my husband works away from home, hes away 12 days, home for 3 days. Any ideas as to how I can get some regular exercise in. Please dont say walking, running with the buggy cos im not a fan of exercising in the heat. Cheers.

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    Blondene said:
    14 February 2020

    You could try buying a piece of exercise equipment like a stationery bike or cross trainer or you could try home dvds with a variety of workouts like's very hard with a baby to be committing to a long exercise regime as because of time restraints so working out at home is a great idea 🤗all the best with quitting

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    clarence the cat said:
    15 February 2020

    It is difficult with a little one. Of course you will be getting a lot of exercise without realising it, just looking after baby.
    Pilates could be an option. It is terribly difficult in the heat to exercise in any case.
    You don't say how old baby is, but I'm picking it won't be long before she's a toddler and will be less dependant on you for assurance. You will probably get a work out each day just keeping up with her.
    Good luck with your quit.
    I love your approach.