Smokefree days: 2,623
Total savings: $60,066

I share these stats today because, of course, it’s not just $60,066 that I have “saved” but rather $120,132 because my partner in crime matched me smoke for smoke and the price I put in was the old price so it’s actually far more money that we haven’t wasted on stupid cigarettes. Anyway, we are happily more than seven years smoke-free and we really are happy to be free of it. If you’re in early days and struggling, just keep fighting the good fight. It does get better.l. Spend that money on nicer things, plan a big treat and enjoy life.

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    clarence the cat said:
    12 September 2019

    Congratulations PokuruGirl.
    I have watched you every step of the way and admired your tenacity and determination, not to mention your advice and encouragement to everyone in the group.
    I hope you will have an opportunity to celebrate your success in an enjoyable manner.
    Here's to the next 7 years.

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    Blondene said:
    13 September 2019

    Hi Pokurugirl...I think the fact that you guys are still here 7 smokefree years later says it all..just amazing..and we really do value your support and advice coming from two show the newbies that smokefree living IS possible and you CAN become smokefree and STAY smokefree...just inspiring!