Hi everyone so today is the first day I haven’t had a smoke yet, last one was last night around 7pm, I started taking champix 2 weeks ago, I’ve cut my smoking down heaps so I’ve made today the day I start my journey to being smoke free!!! I was meant to be going to a function but am feeling yuck and have a headache so have decided to stay away as I know people there smoke, I’m doing this for my health and my kids, will keep you updated we can do this!!! 😀

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    nanaturtle said:
    20 October 2019

    Congratulations Melissa👍
    Yes, We can do this!
    Keep it ODAAT...
    NOPE & You cannot fail
    Stay Strong 🙂 never give up on Quitting 👍

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    Blondene said:
    20 October 2019

    Hi Melissa here's to nailing day 2 as well...welcome to the blogs 😊

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    Quitline Admin said:
    20 October 2019

    Welcome to the blogs and the start of your quit journey Melissa.
    Please keep us updated how it is going for you and if you need any support please reach out - on the blogs, to Quitline, to others around who will walk with you as you quit.

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    clarence the cat said:
    20 October 2019

    Welcome Melissa.
    Hope you're soon feeling better. It would have been daunting to go to a function feeling unwell and it being your first SMOKEFREE day.
    Good decision to stay away.
    Hope day 2 is going better for you