Early days into giving up! Man too soon to watch or do anything stressful Just watched the silver ferns vs diamonds 😭😭 and all i wanted was a smoke!

Oooooooo man I can do this! Needa do something to take my mind off wanting a smoke!

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    Blondene said:
    16 October 2019

    Stay strong...in the early days I did plenty of cooking..knitting..walking and binge watching my favourite shows...the more time you give yourself life soon becomes the new 'smokefree' normal...and don't forget a treat or two to celebrate those hard won days!😊

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    clarence the cat said:
    16 October 2019

    Carry a water bottle and drink a mouthful each time you feel a desire to smoke.
    Think of your favourite places, or movie, or book.
    Go for a walk
    Get out in the garden
    Anything you do to distract yourself is worth a try to break the habit.
    Good luck.

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    Quitline Admin said:
    17 October 2019

    Agree with Blondene and clarence the cat on their suggestions.
    In these early days of quitting it is important to be kind to yourself and avoiding unnecessary stress is a good idea. Finding ways to keep yourself busy but also making time to relax.