Its been 1 month free from smoking, free from the bondage smoking had over me, planning my next ciggi, where I would sit, would I drink coffee or tea, should I have my ciggi before my meal or after, or perhaps both. Should I have one as Im driving up the road to my destination, 5-10 mins away, and one when I get there, and another on the way back. I have that phone call to make so another coffee, my favorite seat and ciggi made that conversation even better. So much planning went in to my next cigarette.

Not only the planning, but my cigarettes were my best friend ever, they were with me on my happiest days, saddest days, angry moments, stressful moments, bored moments, my friend comforted me in some of my biggest life moments, I knew there would come a day where I had to say goodbye to who I thought was my friend, that was a month ago now, and I'm glad.

At first I missed my friend, it felt as if there was a little bit of grief and loss, that was ok, I knew I could work through that, after all, my friend was not all that good for me. With my friend came frequent headaches, coughing spasms, panic if my friend was not close by, plus my friend was expensive, I would get sick in winter, and more often than not, we were isolated because no one wanted to be around us, we would have to sneak around in social gatherings to catch up, we smelt and at times were frowned upon. My friend took my money, made me sick, and at times isolated me, "SOME FRIEND" but we stuck together no mater what.

1 month ago I made the decision that I needed better friends in my life, ones that cared about me, I read good books, I walk without losing my breath, I eat healthier foods, I treat myself to something nice, I feel empowered mentally, my skin is grateful, I feel happier, and I don't smell yucky.

I still miss my old friend at times, but never want to be involved again. This is just an analogy of my thoughts on smoking, I hope you are all doing well in Blog land, thankyou for sharing your positives, thoughts, tips etc that have encouraged me and continue to encourage me on my journey. Ill be forever grateful.

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  • avatar-icon
    Quitline Admin said:
    02 October 2019

    Absolutely wonderful blog!!
    Congratulations on your 1 month smoke free nomorechimney!!
    You've brought a lot to this page over the last month, it has been awesome to see your progress.
    Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing

  • avatar-icon
    clarence the cat said:
    02 October 2019

    Love your blog. It mirrors my feelings when I became SMOKEFREE but so eloquently expressed.
    Well done.
    I'm so happy that you are enjoying the fruits of your efforts.
    As for your "old friend", you will miss it for a while, but time is a great healer and already you're mending from your dangerous relationship.

  • avatar-icon
    KL said:
    02 October 2019

    Love this!!! Well done on one month 😊

  • avatar-icon
    nanaturtle said:
    02 October 2019

    Hey, how good is this?,
    You're not a chimney, no more!!
    Awesome, eh?! 👍
    With positive attitude & self belief- You're making this happen! 🌟 How exciting 🤗
    more advice-Keep Your guard up.
    It's still early days in Your Quit & temptation can strike, when we least expect it, be ready 🥊send it packing!!
    Make it NOPE, Keep it ODAAT, nomorechimney
    & You can't lose!
    Congratulations on Your 1st month of Freedom🥂 you clever thing 😉
    Stay Strong 🙂

  • avatar-icon
    Blondene said:
    02 October 2019

    Congrats nomorechimney..I know it feels like we are losing something but I think that's the brain adjusting to the new normal without the chemical hits...soon we just forget we did use to smoke...this will be you soon...keep fighting the good fight and try and squeeze in a treat or favourite was facial moisturisers as I couldn't afford them when I awesome!

  • avatar-icon
    #nomorechimney said:
    03 October 2019

    Thankyou everyone, you are part of my journey, in remaining smokefree, :)

  • avatar-icon
    Anonymous said:
    03 October 2019

    omg just as i was literally dying for ciggi and its Day 5 for me lol. i hope i feel this way at day 30 im excited now!
    thank u so much

  • avatar-icon
    Mel said:
    01 January 2020

    Loved it. I had a feeling of loosing a part of me. Maybe I just out grown an old friend...
    My Bogan Buddy my you rest in peace....